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Once the turkey is devoured, the dishes are done, and the Thanksgiving feast is over, then what? If you’re looking for a few fun family events and activities in or around Savannah this Thanksgiving, look no further. There are a number of outings your family can plan with the help of Savannah Car Rentals to make plenty of memories this November.

Go the beach on Tybee Island. 

Winters are warm in Savannah, which means you can still enjoy a morning or an entire day on the beach. And luckily, there is plenty of coastline accessible from the Savannah area. A local favorite is Tybee Island, a quaint and quiet barrier island just half an hours drive from downtown Savannah. Walk along the beach, swim, or enjoy the idyllic lighthouse. 

Hike at Skidaway Island State Park. 

Get outdoors after your Thanksgiving feast and go for a hike at Skidaway Island State Park. Just a short drive from Savannah, the park is nearby Georgia’s Intercoastal Waterway, creating the ideal ambiance for taking in the lowcountry experience of coastal Georgia. You’ll see wildlife like deer, egrets, and more, and if you’re feeling really adventurous you could rent one of their cabins for a weekend. 

Visit a quaint seaside town. 

Living on or visiting the eastern seaboard provides plenty of opportunities to experience the best seaside towns around. Within just a few hours’ drive, you and your family can enjoy places like St. Augustine, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina. Pack up for a weekend getaway or make an ambitious day trip to either one of these seaside towns and enjoy the history, unique culture, and fine dining offered in both. Whether you head north or south along the coast, you can’t go wrong. 

Holiday lights at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. 

The Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens are a worthy trip any time of year, but especially during December for their annual December Nights & Holiday Lights event. Enjoy a tour of the gardens among beautiful light displays — with more than one million lights! Admission for adults is $10 and for children is $5. They also offer a military appreciation night. Note that this event is closed on rainy evenings. 

Watch the Boat Parade of Lights on November 30. 

Take in the beauty of Savannah Harbor during the Boat Parade of Lights on November 30. Head down to Savannah Harbor to watch a parade of lighted boats and to enjoy live music, a tree-lighting ceremony, and fireworks. There is no admission charge but a $10 donation is suggested. 

Rent with Savannah Car Rentals for the holidays! 

Renting with us during the holidays can simply make your life easier. We have three convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro, and offer convenient hours throughout the week, weekend, and on certain evenings. Students can take a 10% discount and active duty military can waive the security deposit. 

Choose any size or model from our impressive fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans to get you and your family around town for holiday fun in comfort and security. Call us now to reserve your rental for Thanksgiving fun with the family in Savannah, GA!  

It’s almost November, which means the holiday season is fast approaching. You’ve probably already seen a plethora of holiday decorations in most major stores. If you’re ironing out your Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. plans, don’t forget to factor in renting a car. 

There are a number of reasons to rent a car during the holidays that can make your life both easier and more comfortable. This post should help you determine if renting a car will be the best and most convenient option for your holiday plans! 

When to Rent 

Renting a car not only gives you more room and freedom compared to using your personal vehicle but renting for special occasions can also help you save mileage, wear, and tear on your own car. And who doesn’t want their personal vehicle to last longer? Consider a few times when it’s ideal to rent a vehicle: 


  • You’re driving out of town to visit family members: If you’re traveling out of town to visit family, whether they’re an hour away or four hours away, renting a car can help save mileage on your personal vehicle. It can also help alleviate the stress of getting routine maintenance done on your own car before you leave. Trust one of our cars to get you there safely and comfortably! 
  • Extended family is coming to town and you plan to see the sights: Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. coming to town? No doubt you want to show them the sights of our beautiful city. Renting a car large enough to comfortably seat all of your visitors will help you explore the Savannah area with less stress and no need to coordinate taking multiple cars across town. 
  • You’re planning a holiday family vacation: If you’re planning on taking your immediate family on a road trip during the holidays, renting can save wear and tear on your own vehicle. Renting a larger vehicle than you’re used to can also make long drives across the state or across the country more comfortable. 
  • Your in-laws are visiting: Visits from your in-laws can be stressful as it is. Renting a car can alleviate some of the stress that comes with their visit by providing them with a car they can use during their stay or give you and your family more room as you travel to and from group outings. 


Savannah Car Rentals Can Help Make Your Holiday Travel Easy 

If you’re interested in booking a rental for any time during the holiday season, don’t delay. Book a comfortable, affordable car with us before they’re gone! Pick up at any one of our locations in Hinesville, Statesboro, or Savannah, and choose any size of low mileage, late model Nissan in our fleet. Students can take off 10% and active duty military can waive the security deposit. 

The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Renting can alleviate the stress of family visits and holiday travel. Treat yourself and your family with a rental from Savannah Car Rentals!

8 Ways to Prep Your Car for a Fall Road Trip


Fall is the ideal time for a road trip. Just within a few hours’ drive from the Savannah area, there are plenty of locations to enjoy bustling cities, fall festivals, or the turning of the leaves in any one of Georgia’s beautiful state parks.


Going on a road trip requires careful planning, though, and taking the time to prep thoroughly for your upcoming road trip will help you save money, time, and make your trip go as smoothly as possible.


Check out a few top tips for preparing your car for your fall road trip!


Tips for Fall Road Trips


  1. Pack plenty of snacks. It’s inevitable that everyone in the car will be asking for snacks not long after the drive begins. Pack snacks that are easy to eat in the car and ideally won’t make a huge mess. This can also help you save money if you don’t have to buy snacks on the road.


  1. Make sure a trash bag is within reach. To keep your car as clean as possible on long drives, designate a bag for all trash and make sure it’s kept within reach. This will help keep Goldfish crackers, candy wrappers, and more from ending up under seats and on the floor!


  1. Headphones for all! Headphones for everyone in the car is a must as it’s not often that everyone can agree on what to listen to! This can also help if someone wants to nap during the drive.


  1. Don’t forget phone chargers. Phone chargers are expensive and are the last thing you want to realize you’ve forgotten when you’re hundreds of miles from home! Make sure yours is easily accessible before you leave.


  1. Put necessities and snacks in an easy-to-reach place. This one’s a no-brainer, but make sure items like medicines, glasses, phone chargers, and snacks aren’t stuffed in the truck, but are instead easy to reach during the drive.


  1. Get routine maintenance done on your car before you leave. Don’t wait until you’re on a remote interstate to realize your car needs an oil change! Take care of this before you leave so your trip doesn’t have any unnecessary detours.


  1. Have a roadside assistance number handy just in case. You never know when you’ll blow a tire or have engine trouble. Have a roadside assistance number on hand so you don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road.


  1. Rent with Savannah Car Rentals to save on mileage, wear, and tear! Renting a car for your road trip can help avoid putting excessive mileage, wear, and tear on your personal vehicle, and it will give you the freedom to rent a car that’s a comfortable size for your group.


Rent with Savannah Car Rentals for Your Fall Road Trip


Renting a car for your fall road trip will help keep your own car safe and the mileage, wear, and tear to a minimum! We have three convenient locations in Hinesville, Savannah, and Statesboro. Rent with us and select the car that works for you — we have a whole line-up of low mileage, late model Nissans of all makes and sizes.


We also offer a 10% student discount, and active duty military can waive the security deposit. Book your rental today and start prepping for the ultimate fall road trip!

Fall Activities in and Around Savannah


Temperatures are cooling off, the leaves are changing colors and beginning to collect on the ground, and pumpkins are making their way to front porches. Fall is here! And now is a great time to make plans to enjoy all that fall in the Southeast has to offer.


Savannah Car Rentals can help you arrange a comfortable, affordable rental no matter where your Fall adventures take you. Check out a few fun fall activities just a few hours’ drive from Savannah, GA!


Road Trip Ideas for Fall Fun in Georgia


  • Hike the North Georgia Mountains. There are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying beautiful fall foliage in any of Georgia’s state parks. Drive north of Savannah and you’ll find Cloudland Canyon State Park, Brasstown Bald, and Stone Mountain. Any of these three will give you the chance to hike to higher elevations for sweeping views of the red, orange, and yellow colors of Fall across north Georgia.
  • Visit the Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival. Stone Mountain holds a popular pumpkin festival every year that is great for families with small children! Enjoy park attractions in addition to impressive scenes made with carved pumpkins and experience the whole festival at night when it glows in the dark.
  • Go apple picking in Ellijay. Ellijay is famous for the many orchards that are open to the public for apple picking. Most orchards charge about $10 per bag, so you can bring the whole family and return home with a plentiful stock of locally-grown apples.
  • ...And stick around for the Apple Festival! Not only can you pick apples in Ellijay orchards throughout the fall months, but on the weekends of October 12-13 and 19-20, you can enjoy the annual Apple Festival! The festival includes crafts and vendors, a parade, and a vintage car show, all taking place in downtown Ellijay.
  • Take a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. For a history lesson and a unique Georgia excursion, ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway! Your journey will start in Blue Ridge, Georgia at the Blue Ridge Depot, and will take you through several mountain towns along the border of Georgia and Tennessee — 13 miles to be exact. You’ll learn about the important role of trains in the history of Georgia, but you’ll also be privileged with some beautiful views. The best time to do this in late October through early November, and reservations are recommended.


Savannah Car Rentals Can Get You There


Whether you plan to hike the Tallulah Gorge or go apple picking in Ellijay, or anything in between, Savannah Car Rentals can help you there! We offer a wide range of low-mileage, late-model Nissans of all sizes, from compact to SUVs.


Rent from any of our three locations in Hinesville, Savannah, or Statesboro and you’ll be met with great low daily rates as low as $24.99! In addition, students can take a 10% discount and active duty military can waive the security deposit.


Rent with us and soak in the beauty and adventure of Fall!


Your car is a major investment — so taking good care of it is essential if you want to stay out of the auto body shop and keep it running well for as long as possible. Routine maintenance is a must if you want to keep your car in top shape.


Even though it may cost you a bit upfront in time and money to do routine maintenance, it’s worth it in the long run because it can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.


Pay Attention to Mileage & Manufacturer


Every vehicles’ owner’s manual will have recommended routine maintenance. It’s up to you to monitor your vehicle’s mileage to make sure it gets the work and attention it needs at regular intervals. Keep tabs on mileage in between service appointments to know when your car will need more routine maintenance.


Though cars vary and the amount of maintenance depends largely on wear and tear, the following should help you get an idea of when your car will need a certain type of maintenance.


Every 3,000 Miles to 7,000 Miles


At intervals of between 3K and 7K miles, you’ll need to take care of one of the most important aspects of car care: getting a regular oil change and oil filter change. Your car depends on fresh oil to run well, so that’s why this is needed so frequently. At this stage you should also have your transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, tires (pressure and tread) inspected.


It’s also a good idea to have your tires rotated every six months, or every 6K to 8K miles. This will help your car stay balanced and help your tires last longer.


Every 15,000 Miles to 30,000 Miles


Replace your air filter at this mileage range. This helps circulate cleaner air in the vehicle and also helps your engine run better. It’s also a good idea to have your battery and coolant inspected.


Every 35,000 Miles to 50,000 Miles


At this stage, you should have your battery inspected regularly and you may need to replace it along with spark plugs. It’s also time to have your ignition system and suspension inspected.


Every 60,000 Miles


Every 60K miles, your car will need even more attention. You may need to replace your brake pads, along with radiator hoses, coolant, and power steering fluid. And at this stage you should also have your HVAC inspected along with suspension, and your tires (tread and pressure).


Savannah Car Rentals Can Help You Stay on Schedule


We at Savannah Car Rentals understand that while car maintenance is necessary, it takes time and has the potential to interfere with your schedule. Book one of our low-mileage, late model Nissans for a day or several days while your car is in the shop!


Reserve a car at one of our three locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Students can take advantage of our 10% student discount, and we waive the security deposit for active duty military. Schedule routine maintenance for your vehicle with your local body shop and book your rental with us today!

Summer is coming to a close, meaning there’s less time for family and fun and outdoor activities on the horizon. Days will be filled with school, work, after school activities, and the busyness of fall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few more days of summer fun.


There are plenty of last-minute summer activities and getaways within Savannah’s city limits, or within a few hours drive of Savannah. Check one or a few of these local and regional last minute summer adventures off your bucket list before summer is a distant memory.


Local Activities


It’s no secret that the city of Savannah and its surrounding areas have plenty to offer for the local or tourist. Consider a few of these unique activities if you’re unable to take a few days off for a weekend trip.


  • A riverboat cruise: Take a riverboat cruise down the Savannah River on the Savannah River Queen or the Georgia Queen. Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers a number of different experiences, like lunch, dinner, sunset, and moonlight cruises that the entire family will appreciate. You’ll enjoy great food, music, and an unbeatable and uniquely Savannah atmosphere.
  • Saturday morning at the Forsyth Farmers Market: Even if school has already begun, it’s easy to spend a Saturday morning at the Forsyth Farmers Market in famous Forsyth Park. Stock up on locally sourced groceries here, like produce, meats, cheeses, breads, etc.; this farmers market only welcomes vendors who grow or produce 75% of what they sell.
  • Take a walking tour around historic downtown Savannah: A walking tour in Savannah’s historic district is a great way to enjoy the city and spend quality time outdoors as a family. Local vendors offer a number of different walking tours, from evening ghost tours, Civil War themed tours, culinary tours, and pub crawls.


Driving Trips


Plenty of locations within a short drive of Savannah offer a relaxing day trip or weekend trip to squeeze the last bit of sunshine and family time out of summer.


  • Tybee Island: Just a short drive from downtown, this is a favorite of many Savannah locals because it’s so convenient and just a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. Walk the beach or visit the famous light station, just thirty minutes from downtown Savannah.
  • Cloudland Canyon State Park: If hiking is your thing, head to the northwest corner of Georgia for a weekend of hiking throughout this favorite state park. You’ll find challenging trails and beautiful views, and plenty of camping opportunities within the park as well.
  • Charleston: Cross the border into South Carolina a few hours north for a relaxing weekend in historic Charleston. Historic downtown will remind you of Savannah but with it’s own unique Southern charm and lowcountry cuisine. Kayak through the lowcountry on Folly Island or spend the day at one of Charleston’s several local beaches.


Savannah Car Rentals can get you there


As always, Savannah Car Rentals can get you to and from your destination safely and comfortably. Consider renting one of our low mileage, late model Nissans for your late summer adventures to save wear and tear on your own vehicle, and to accommodate any additional friends and family members you may take with you.


We offer competitive rates from our Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro locations. Students receive a 10% discount, and active duty military can waive the security deposit. Book your rental today before time runs out on summer fun!

Summer is in full swing and as usual the temperatures have been brutal. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy summer vacation, days off, or the weekends away from the summer heat, you’re in luck as there are many options to stay cool in and around Savannah, GA!


Savannah is in a prime location on the Eastern seaboard that makes it easy to make a day trip north to Charleston, South to St. Simons Island and Florida, and west to Atlanta. These three day-trip options alone provide unlimited opportunities for fun and relaxation away from the oppressive sun, heat, and humidity.


If you’re planning to take a day trip or even a weekend trip this summer, Savannah Car Rentals offers daily rentals starting at $24.99. Take the load off of your personal vehicle and rent for your late-summer road trip.


Things to Do in and Around Savannah


Check out a few of the options in and around Savannah, GA for staying cool this summer…


  • World of Coca Cola (Atlanta, GA): World of Coca Cola is world-renowned and just a three-hour 40-minute drive from Savannah. It’s the home of Coca Cola and while there you can experience the history of America’s favorite soda. Check out artifacts from over 100 years of Coke history, buy official Coca Cola gear in the museum shop, and try some free samples!


  • Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum: Located in Savannah’s Historic District, the Ships of the Sea museum is the perfect place for any history buff. Explore the Scarborough House, where the museum is located, and see paintings, artifacts, maritime antiques, and ship models from 18th and 19th century seafaring. It will interest even those who aren’t into history!


  • Simon’s Island (GA): If you’re looking for a way to stay cool but still want to enjoy the great outdoors, head just an hour and a half south of Savannah to St. Simon’s Island. Enjoy the southern charm, oaks and Spanish moss, and clean beaches with easy public access. You can also kayak or canoe through the Marshes of Glynn or charter a boat for a day of deep-sea fishing. Whatever you do, St. Simon’s Island is a great place to spend a day on the water or at the beach.


Savannah Car Rental Can Get You There


Regardless of where you decide to take a late summer adventure, Savannah Car Rentals can get you there safely and affordably. Be sure to take advantage of our great low rates, and enjoy any one of our low mileage, late model Nissans. Choose the size and make that works for your family! If you’re active duty military, we will waive your security deposit, and we happily apply a 10% discount for students.


Renting a car is a great way to have a reliable, like-new car to take on road trips while protecting your personal vehicle from wear and tear and additional mileage. Savannah Car Rentals can help you get on the road to a late summer, indoor or beach adventure easily. Book your rental and start planning an epic trip!

Now that school is out and summer is in full swing, it’s time to be prepared for the inevitable
summer beach trip — whether it’s planned or spontaneous. Having a few essentials in your car
and preparing your vehicle itself for a day at the beach will go a long way to ensure your family’s
comfort and safety, and your vehicle’s care and cleanliness.

Keep Your Family Safe & Comfortable

It’s always a good idea to leave a bottle of sunscreen in your car during the summer. Not
only will this help you be prepared for any unplanned time outside, but you’ll also have an extra
bottle on hand for your beach trip. There’s nothing worse than running out of sunscreen on the
beach! Be sure to store it in a plastic bag or container to avoid any unfortunate leaks.
Pack a cooler for snacks and fill it with the essentials for a day at the beach. Keeping snacks
in one place will make organization and clean up easy. Using a cooler will also make it easier to
haul snacks and drinks to and from the beach, both inside and outside of your car with ease.

Keep Your Car Clean

The worst thing about the beach is the mess that sand makes once you leave. Investing in a
decent set of rubber floor mats will make beach trip clean up that much easier because it will
keep much of the sand left on bare feet and sandals in once place.
Use plastic containers for storage of beach day essentials, like goggles, beach toys, extra
clothes to change into, and more. This will help you to avoid a mess of random items strewn
about your car on your way to or from the beach and will make it easier to find what you need.

Savannah Car Rentals Can Help!

If you’re planning a beach trip but want to avoid putting the miles, wear, and tear on your
personal vehicle, rent with Savannah Car Rentals! We can set you up with a low-mileage, late-
model Nissan of any size or make to get you to and from the beach safely and comfortably.
We offer a 10% student discount and active duty military can waive the security deposit. Visit
any one of our locations in Savannah,

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to take steps to keep your car running
smoothly this summer. Hot temperatures can pose all sorts of problems for cars, especially
older ones. It’s worth it to take the extra steps to make sure your car is in peak condition so you
don’t end up stranded on the side of the road with car trouble in the middle of summer.
Consider these tips when planning your summer car maintenance:

  • Prevent your car from overheating by making sure the car isn’t running low on coolant.
    Be sure not to use coolant that is out of date and avoid overloading your car making it
    work harder than necessary in high temperatures.
  • Use a sunshade when parked, especially when parked in direct sun. Not doing so can
    result in sun damage to the interior and it can also make surfaces dangerously hot when
    you re-enter the vehicle.
  • Check wheel alignment. A winter full of ice, snow, and the resulting potholes can cause
    misalignment which can result in damage to tires and poor gas mileage.
  • Speaking of tires, the beginning of summer is a great time to rotate them. Doing so will
    make sure the wear is even.
  • Check tire pressure regularly and be sure to NOT over inflate your tires. Your tires will
    already expand as it gets warmer, and overinflating can put your car at risk for blowing a

Rent for Your Summer Vacation
In addition, if you’re planning a summer road trip, consider renting a vehicle to save the mileage,
wear, and tear on your own car. Savannah Car Rentals can accommodate any size family or
group of friends with a low-mileage, late-model Nissan of any size and make.
Summer Car Care is Easy with SCR
Taking your car to the shop can be a hassle, but SCR makes it easy to get an affordable rental
for a day or a week or even longer. We have three convenient locations in Hinesville,
Statesboro, and Savannah, and we offer a 10% student discount and a security deposit waiver
for active duty military. Get your car in for summer maintenance and let SCR set you up with a
great rental!



Summer is, hands-down, the best time of the year to go on a trip. The sun is up, the sky is clear, and the days are longer, which makes it perfect to travel and get away from the banality of everyday life. Georgia summers are particularly hot and humid, so you’d probably want to head someplace where you can just relax and cool down. For more active and adventurous types, there are a lot of fun spots in and around Georgia that offer a slew of activities to choose from.

Check out the following destinations while spending the summer in the Peach State.

Hilton Head Island

Although not exactly located in Georgia, Hilton Head Island is a popular summer destination among locals and tourists alike. Located in Beaufort County, South Carolina, this charming and activity-filled resort town is just less than an hour away from Savannah. What makes this island an ideal summer haven for some much-needed R&R? None other than its gorgeous white-sand beaches and top-rated golf courses. Coligny Beach is a perennial crowd favorite mainly due to its picturesque sunsets as well as its wide selection of dining and entertainment options on the Island.

Stone Mountain Park

With at least 4 million people visiting every year, Stone Mountain Park is arguably the most sought-after attraction in all of Georgia – and with good reason. Nature lovers visit in droves every summer, thanks to the Park’s breathtaking hiking trails and 363-acre lake where you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon of boating or fishing. Families can choose the perfect spot for a picnic or play a friendly game of mini golf at the onsite putting course. There’s definitely something for everyone at Stone Mountain Park, and if you’re coming from Savannah, it takes a mere four hours to get there. Did I hear someone say, “Road trip!”?

Fort McAllister State Park

Summer is often associated with fun times and recreation, but it can be a great opportunity for learning as well. Fort McAllister State Park in Richmond Hill is one such place where you can get both. Located just a few miles south of Savannah, this park is considered a major landmark of Civil War history. Apart from joining various history tours offered daily onsite, you can also seek refuge among the park’s majestic oak trees or spend the night on the serene camping grounds near Redbird Creek.

Drive to the Summer of Your Dreams with Savannah Car Rentals

Regardless of your summer agenda, you are sure to find a destination that’s within driving distance of Savannah and other major cities in Georgia. Savannah Car Rentals offers an array of late-model, low-mileage Nissans that can get you to any of these places. Head over to any of our three locations: Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro to choose the car that’s right for you. We grant a 10% discount to students and waive the security deposit for active duty military.