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Summer is here, and it looks like social distancing guidelines are going to be with us for quite a while longer, too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable and memorable summer. Provided you take the necessary safety precautions and abide by local and state travel policies, there are still several summer road trips you can take from Savannah that will allow you to enjoy the summer months while easily staying away from large crowds. 

Below are a few suggestions when it comes to traveling safely this summer. Keep in mind that you may want to check locations ahead of time to learn about reduced hours or staffing, and COVID-19 related closures. 

Road Trips in the Age of COVID-19

Public health officials are advising us to continue wearing masks, practicing good hygiene, avoiding going out when we feel sick, and being mindful of those with compromised immune systems. Abiding by these policies is the best way to stay safe and healthy. 

That said, if you still want to get away for a few hours or a whole day this summer, there are locations near Savannah that make it easy to enjoy nature and the outdoors safely and while still maintaining social distancing.

What to Pack for your Social Distancing Road Trip 

First, though, you shouldn’t leave the house the same way you did before the coronavirus. Consider bringing a few other essentials along to make for a safer trip, such as: 

  • Masks for your whole family 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Disinfecting wipes 
  • A change of clothes
  • Gloves, if desired 

Road Trip Ideas 

There is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy in and around Savannah, and even within a few hours’ drive. 


  • A day at the beach: There are plenty of beaches to explore near Savannah! Our own local Tybee Island is a favorite with its lighthouse and small town charm, or you could venture north to nearby Hilton Head Island. And if you opt to go south, there are plenty of beaches along the Georgia coast and the north Florida coast, like Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine Beach. 
  • Hiking: You don’t have to look hard to find great hiking spots in our area. Some of our favorites include Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, the Wormsloe Historic Site, and the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. 
  • A drive along the coast: If you want to avoid other people as much as possible, it can be enjoyable just taking a drive along the coastline. We recommend checking out some of the small coastal towns near Savannah, like Tybee Island, but also state parks along the coast like Hunting Island. 


Savannah Car Rentals can get you there! 

If you’re looking to spend a few hours or a day in the beauty of nature near Savannah, Savannah Car Rentals can get you there safely and comfortably! Rent with us at daily rates as low as $24.99. We offer student and military discounts from our locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Our low mileage, late model Nissans are meticulously cleaned in between each rental and our office staff are taking precautions to protect against the spread of the virus. You’ll have peace of mind and a safe, comfortable trip when you rent with us! Book online or call us at (912) 920-5431.

We’re living in unprecedented times with the coronavirus upending almost every aspect of daily life. We’ve made disinfecting common surfaces a regular habit and we’ve been washing our hands religiously. 

Most of the country is under some form of a stay-at-home order, but it’s inevitable that we’ll have to venture out of our homes to get essentials, meaning that we may come into contact with COVID-19 and bring it back to our vehicles. So here are a few tips on how to disinfect the interior of your car and stay safe and healthy, without damaging your vehicle’s interior surfaces. 

Your Car & Germs 

Think of all the frequently touched spaces in your car: door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, buttons, screens, armrests… There are so many places where germs can hide out. It’s helpful to keep disinfecting hand wipes or hand sanitizer in your vehicle so you can disinfect your hands as soon as you return to your vehicle. But you’ll also want to make cleaning the interior surfaces themselves a priority. 

Cleaning Without Damaging 

But how can you ensure your vehicle is sanitized without damaging the surfaces? Some household cleaners may not be friendly to fabrics and leathers, but most are. You can use most household cleaners that are at least 70% alcohol to kill the coronavirus on surfaces in your vehicle. Specifically, isopropyl alcohol will work and is gentle enough on surfaces to avoid damage or blemishes. 

Gentle soap and water with a little scrubbing can also sanitize and clean your vehicle without fear of damage, but don’t scrub too harshly. Leather should also be conditioned regularly to maintain its appearance and to reduce wear and tear. 

What Not to Use 

There are a few solutions that you should avoid at all costs when cleaning the interior of your car. Specifically, do NOT use bleach or any cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide. These solutions will inevitably stain and severely damage leather, carpet, and fabric materials. They’ll also damage touch screens beyond repair as will ammonia solutions. If you use these solutions, the surfaces will be clean, but they’ll be severely damaged. So check the ingredients of your cleaners first. 

Where to Clean 

Wondering where exactly to clean and disinfect inside your vehicle? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Door handles (interior and exterior) 
  • Cupholders 
  • Armrests, front and back seat
  • Window and seat controls 
  • Steering wheel 
  • Turn signal and headlight controls 
  • Touch screens and other dashboard buttons 
  • Seatbelts (including latches and any areas your hands may touch)

Savannah Car Rentals is Here For You

We understand these are trying times for everyone. It’s important to do what you can to say safe, sanitized, and healthy in the midst of this pandemic. At Savannah Car Rentals, we’re here for you if you need to make an essential trip or travel to care for a family member. Or, if you face car trouble, we can put you in an affordable rental at daily rates as low as $24.99. Find us in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro and let us know how we can serve you. 

When you’re stuck at home due to weather, family responsibilities, or in this month’s case — social distancing — you can quickly feel like you’ve run out of things to do. But don’t get bored yet — when was the last time you gave your vehicle a thorough cleaning? 


Cleaning your car is not only an easy job to do when you’re stuck at home, but it’s also an essential part of being a responsible car owner! And don’t lie to yourself and say you aren’t just a little bit happy to climb into a fresh, clean car when you’re finished. 


5 Steps to a Cleaner Car 


Here are a few quick, easy tips to help you get your car in like-new condition! 


  • Grab a trash bag. First, get rid of all the trash in your car before you begin cleaning. You probably collect a variety of fast food drink cups, wrappers, and discarded mail collecting in your door frame, cup holders, and empty seats. Collect it all and throw it away so you can deep clean the rest of the car. 

  • Vacuum floors and underneath seats. You’ll be surprised (and maybe a little grossed out?) but some of the stuff that collects on your car floor and underneath the seats. Old food, wrappers, loose change… you’ll find it all. Start with this because it’s typically the most time-consuming job. 

  • Wash and scrub floor mats. If you have rubber floor mats, remove these, and then wash and scrub them with water and a light dish detergent. These mats collect all the dirt, dust, mud, snow, etc. from the outdoors, so they’ll probably need special attention. 

  • Wipe down dashboard and interior surfaces. The interior of your vehicle has a tendency to gather quite a bit of dust and grime from day to day use. Using a cleaner or just a damp rag, wipe down the surfaces including the dashboard, controls, steering wheel, and insides of doors. 

  • Don’t forget the windows. Whether or not you have kids, the insides of windows can get covered in fingerprints. Even if you don’t plan to wash the exterior of your car for a while, using a glass cleaner, clean the insides of your windows. This will really clear up your view from the inside!


If You’re Feeling Ambitious… 

If you’re feeling really motivated, clean the exterior of your car, too! This may be hard to do if you live somewhere where you’re unable to hook up an outdoor hose due to cold temperatures. However, if you have access to a hose, some soapy water (gentle soap works well) and some clean, dry rags will help you get this job done quickly. 


For a Fresh, Clean Rental, Rent with SCR 

If you’re not up to cleaning your own car but need a fresh, clean vehicle for visitors, family, or business, rent with Savannah Car Rentals! You’ll get great daily rates starting as low as $24.99 from our Hinesville, Statesboro, or Savannah locations. You won’t have to worry about dust or grime in one of our factory fresh Nissans. Rent with us by booking on our site or give us a call! 


It’s almost that time of year again… time for planning Spring Break road trips to break up the monotony that is the first few months of the new year! Don’t just start out on a driving trip without having some planning in place to ensure your comfort, safety, and economic success. Having a plan will give your trip structure and give you the peace of mind knowing that your travel days will be well-thought out and more relaxing than stressful! 

Whether you’re planning to venture to the beach, the mountains, or to see family and friends, a little planning can go a long way to making your Spring Break road trip a success. 

Map Your Route 

This should be obvious, but it’s important to know exactly where you’re going and how to get there. Don’t wait until the morning you plan to leave to plug your final destination into your GPS. Do a little research to see if there are any major road closures or road work that will slow you down, or if you’ll need to take any detours along the way. This is also a great time to check out your route and determine if there are any interesting sights you want to see en route, like historical markers or restaurants. 

Rent or Drive Your Own Vehicle? 

A big question when it comes to road trips is whether you should rent a vehicle for the trip or drive your own. While you may feel more comfortable in your own personal vehicle, renting offers many benefits for both you and your car. You won’t put heavy mileage on your personal vehicle if you rent. High mileage means your car will need maintenance more often! Further, you may be more comfortable on long hauls if you rent a larger vehicle than you’re accustomed to for your trip. Savannah Car Rentals offers a wide selection of low mileage, late model Nissans for you to choose from, with daily rates starting at $24.99. We also offer generous discounts for students and veterans.

Pack Plenty of Snacks 

Don’t forget to pack snacks! Driving can get boring, so you’ll inevitably feel hungry. Plus, avoiding hunger can help you stay focused on the road, which is essential for a safe driving trip. Packing your own snacks will help you save money because you won’t need to run into a service station at every stop to buy food. 

Stay Safe 

Plan ahead to stay safe on your driving trip. This may require researching where you plan to drive and stay to ensure the area is safe and taking precautions if there are concerns. Make sure it’s a habit to lock your vehicle when you aren’t in it. And, of course, plan for any safety gear you’ll need in your car ahead of time, like car seats or important medications. 

Get On the Road with SCR! 

A little forethought can help you ensure your spring trip is a relaxing, enjoyable adventure, not a headache that will make you wish you were home. Visit our locations in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro to get on the road to your spring adventure! 

Car shopping is notoriously one of the least-enjoyable tasks of contemporary life.  Often, you give up half your weekend driving around town to check prices only to find yourself overwhelmed, or even worse, taken advantage of. But there are definite tricks and tips that can make car buying a little easier, and once such tip is to have test driven the vehicle you want before even heading to the dealership.  That’s where Savannah Car Rentals has got your back!

Why Test Drive a Rental?

When shopping for a new car, the test-drive is a great opportunity to get behind the wheel and really feel what it’s like to operate the vehicle.  The only problem is that the standard test-drive is too short. Renting the car you’d like to purchase, or renting a similar model, will allow you see how the vehicle fits into your entire life.  Can it fit everyone in the carpool comfortably? Does the stroller fit in the trunk? Is it easy to park at your favorite grocery store? A few days with your rental will give you the peace of mind that no other test-drive ever could.

How to Select the Best Rental for Your Test Drive

  • First, decide on the type of vehicle that best fits your needs.  Are you going for something spacious with plenty of leg room for a growing family? Do you prefer something compact and perfect for parking garages? Maybe you want to reduce your carbon footprint and try a hybrid! Consider your needs and then call us! Our friendly staff will love to help you choose from our wide selection.
  • Next, you should choose a few days in your upcoming schedule that would allow you to test the vehicle while doing some of your essential tasks.  Is there a big meeting downtown that you’d like to arrive to in a new ride? Try out the city-miles capacity with your rental! Getting the family to a reunion? Pile everyone in and assess the comfort level for your favorite people.  Savannah Car Rentals has a large fleet of l Nissans to choose from at low daily rates starting at $24.99—so you can’t go wrong!
  • Visit to learn about our special offers! Take advantage of the 10% student discount, or if you’re active duty military, we’ll waive the security deposit. 
  • Finally, choose from one of our three convenient locations: Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro.  All our teams are eager to help you discover what’s best for you and your lifestyle while getting you behind the wheel of a late model Nissan today!

Don’t Put It Off Out of Fear

Be bold! Make the smart choice today and rent with Savannah Car Rentals so that you can show the salesman at the dealership just how sure you are.  A few days in one of our vehicles, and you’ll be ready to make the switch with confidence. Call right now at 912-920-5431. 

Winter in Savannah may not exude the warmth and sunshine of summer, but unlike its northern neighbors, the southeast is typically free from major snowstorms or icing events. That said, car maintenance in winter is still important, and preparation is the key to keeping your automobile running smoothly and efficiently. Though winter doesn’t last long in Georgia, it’s important to keep your vehicle in great shape to avoid damage and to maintain its reliability all year long. Fortunately, practicing effective winter car maintenance is easy – with the help of Savannah Car Rentals, you won’t miss a minute on the road!

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Colder temperatures oftentimes mean lower tire pressure – it’s a telltale sign that winter is coming when that warning light illuminates on your dash! As temperatures approach freezing, the air in your tires (and everywhere else) becomes denser. As those molecules join together, your tire pressure decreases. Not only is prolonged low tire pressure bad for your tires in general and causes long term damage, but it greatly reduces their effectiveness. Be sure and check your tire pressures whenever you see that warning light, and add (or remove) air as needed. 

Check (and refill) your Anti-Freeze

Believe it or not, car engines utilize water and other liquids to function properly – you can imagine what happens to that water when temperatures dip below freezing. Anti-freeze is an additive used to stave off freezing, allowing your car to function properly and start easier in the winter months. If ice builds up in your system, your car won’t run until it’s thawed, and you’re at risk for serious damage to your engine. Make sure your engine has enough anti-freeze before the temperatures drop, and add an appropriate amount if it’s low. 

Get an Oil Change 

During colder months, the oil in your car can condense to a point where it’s no longer able to allow the moving parts of your engine the ability to move freely. This can cause poor performance as well as damage. It’s recommended that you select an oil with a lower viscosity, or thickness, in preparation for the cold weather to avoid damage and car trouble. Your car should receive an oil change roughly four times a year, so just before winter is the perfect time to get it done.

Savannah Car Rentals Has You Covered

Winter car maintenance is an important practice, even in balmy Savannah. If your car is in the shop in preparation for the cold weather, Savannah Car Rentals has you covered. With locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro, you can conveniently rent from our large fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans. Low daily rates start at $24.99, plus we offer a 10% discount for students and active duty military can waive the security deposit. You can even take advantage of an opportunity for an extended test drive of new model vehicles. Stay ahead of the game and practice effective winter car maintenance – call Savannah Car Rentals to keep you on the road!

Buying a new car is no small feat. You’re putting your hard-earned money towards something that you’ll use every day, but something that will also almost immediately begin to decrease in value. It is absolutely essential to make the most educated decision possible when deciding which car to purchase! 

Savannah Car Rentals can be a part of that decision-making process. We invite you to book an extended test drive to get a feel for the newest Nissans on the market as you decide which will be the best next personal vehicle for you and your family! 

Why book an extended test drive? 

Savannah Car Rentals doesn’t just rent cars for road trips and business trips, family visits and car maintenance. Rent one of our low mileage, late model Nissan’s and get closely acquainted with the newest and best on the market before committing to purchase! 

Buying a new vehicle is daunting enough. You can learn a lot about the newest vehicles on the market by reading reviews online and test driving, but it’s hard to make an educated purchase when you’ve only driven a car for a few minutes around a lot. 

There are a few key reasons to make an extended test drive part of your initial research before you commit to purchasing a new vehicle. Consider these when considering what vehicle you’ll add to your fleet in 2020… 


  • Become more familiar with the cars you’re considering. It’s stressful to think that a decision that will cost you an upwards of $20,000 or more is made on a drive around a dealership that likely lasts no more than 20 minutes. An extended test drive of several days or even a week or two will give you more time to become familiar with the car you’re considering. Spend more time with the vehicle and become more well-versed in its features, how it drives, and safety aspects. This will help you make a better decision in the long run. 



  • Learn what you like and don’t like. On a simpler level, an extended test drive will help you have more time to determine what you like and don’t like. Inevitably, when you buy a new car, a few weeks after the papers are signed and the sale is final, you realize there are a few features or qualities about the car that you don’t like or, at worst, can’t stand. Spending more time in the car before you sign on the dotted line will help you walk into the deal with a better idea of what to expect once you take your new vehicle home. 



  • Test out features to decide if you want them in your personal vehicle. New vehicles come with so many features, sometimes it’s hard to determine which ones are essential and which ones are just extra. An extended test drive can help you decide if you really need heated seats or a rear-view camera, or if these are a bit superfluous. 


Savannah Car Rentals Can Help! 

Savannah Car Rentals is THE place to be if you’re looking for an extended test drive. Rent one of our factory fresh, low mileage, late model Nissans from Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro. Students can take 10% off and active duty military can waive the security deposit. Get educated before your next big car purchase at Savannah Car Rentals! 

The short days and colder temperatures of January and February can drone on and on in some parts of the country—but not in sunny Savannah! The city and surrounding area are brimming with unique and interesting sites and activities to liven up the otherwise dreary season. Take advantage of Savannah Car Rental locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro to enjoy the fun and festive activities and sites to help warm up the winter in Savannah!

  • Try Savannah on ice:

If you’d like a little bit of northern flair to go with your southern charm, take advantage of Savannah’s many opportunities to watch and experience ice skating. Rookies, experts, and everyone in between will enjoy taking a spin on skates around the seasonal rink at the Savannah Civic Center. Take in a hockey game at the Savannah Hockey Classic January 17 and 18, where college teams annually battle it out for the Thrasher Cup.  

  • Experience Savannah’s history first-hand:

While the winter months in Savannah are typically sunny and a great time for some cool outdoor activities, you may be faced with the occasional chilly and rainy day. Fortunately, Savannah offers a variety of museums to explore indoors. Check out the Savannah History Museum to learn more about the city’s important place in American history. The Savannah College of Art and Design boasts a unique museum featuring amazing works of art as well as travelling exhibitions. Visit some of the old town’s historic buildings, like the Andrew Low House or the Davenport House, for an inside look at the unique architecture of the city and the stories of its fabled past. 

  • Enjoy a cooler stroll on Tybee Island:

While the water may be too chilly for a dip in the Atlantic, there’s still plenty to enjoy along the coast and at the beach. Tybee Island is a hub for many birds heading south for the winter—it’s the perfect place to watch nature unfold! The winter months are also a great time for fishing, so consider a boat charter for a unique and up-close experience with the experts. 

  • Find a festival in Savannah:

There’s always something going on in the greater Savannah area, and winter is no exception. The Savannah Book Festival is held the second week of February and highlights local authors with book signings, lectures, and a book sale. The annual Black Heritage Festival celebrates black history and culture the entire month of February, featuring concerts, museum exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and more. 

The Savannah area offers a wide variety of opportunities for fun even in the winter months—take advantage of the exciting opportunities for fun and festivity with the help of Savannah Car Rentals! We offer a variety of discounts—students get 10% off, and active duty military need not pay the security deposit. We offer a large fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans to choose from, with low daily rates starting at $24.99. 

Beat the crowds and take advantage of the lower prices during the winter season in Savannah. The Hostess City of the South is simply paradise all year long!

This year, there’s one less week in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s time to get a move on planning fun holiday activities for you and your family to enjoy! There are plenty of festive events in and around the Savannah, GA area, but you can also find holiday fun within a short drive of Savannah as well. 

Whether you stay in town or make a road trip out of it, Savannah Car Rentals can help you get where you need to go this holiday season. 

Holiday Activities for Families in Savannah, GA 

The cultural landscape of the southeast gives rise to all sorts of unique holiday activities. Here are just a few to consider this Christmas season! 

Lights On for Tybee, Tybee Island – December 6: Enjoy small town fun in the heart of Tybee Island when you attend their annual tree-lighting event! This event will feature the mayor officially lighting the town’s tree, and many other opportunities for carolling, singalongs, and holiday entertainment. Enjoy the small-town ambiance along the water and the festive spirit of the beginning of the Christmas season at Lights On for Tybee. 

Colonial Christmas at Wormsloe, Savannah – December 14: Visit the Wormsloe Historic Site, a colonial-era plantation integral to the history of the state of Georgia, with live oaks, Spanish moss, and colonial era buildings. This event features carolling, dancing, and other colonial-era activities to get your family in the holiday spirit. 

Christmas on the Battery, Charleston, SC – December 5 and 6: Just a few hours north is Charleston SC, and on December 5 and 6 you can enjoy a historic tour of the Edmonston-Alston House on the famous Battery overlooking Charleston Harbor. Performers will be leading tours and putting on a show of Christmas stories relevant to the Edmonston and Alston families, while you enjoy the beautiful decorations and ambiance of this historic home. 

38th Annual Parade of Boats, Charleston, SC – December 14: Also in Charleston is the 38th Annual Parade of Boats. This is a favorite tradition of tourists and locals in Charleston! Watch from the waterfront as dozens of boats decorated in Christmas lights parade throughout the Charleston Harbor, under the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge and towards Fort Sumter. This event is free and will be fun for the entire family. 

These activities will help you make memories and get in the holiday spirit, but don’t forget to simply enjoy the ambiance of historic downtown Savannah and the many beautifully decorated historic homes throughout the historic district! Sometimes a simple walk through these neighborhoods or a drive around town to look at Christmas lights can be as enjoyable as other, more official events.

Savannah Car Rentals Can Help! 

If you’re looking to rent this holiday season, Savannah Car Rentals can help. Find us at our convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro and rent one of our factory-fresh, low mileage, late model Nissans at competitive daily rates! 

We offer a 10% student discount and active duty military members can waive the security deposit. Whether your family needs a compact car or a full-size SUV, we can accommodate and make it our mission to put you in a great, affordable rental. Book with us today! 

Some people on your list are just plain hard to shop for, like the guy who’s always out in the garage that seems to have everything already. If a watch, cufflinks, or a new golf club won’t do this year, maybe it’s time for the more creative approach.  It may be time to consider getting him what he really wants—a day behind the wheel of his dream car! Driving a rental car for a day or a weekend can take his holiday to the next level, giving him a gift more memorable and exciting than any he’s received before.  

Not sure if gifting a rental is the right gift for your guy? This post will help you to consider your options for renting this holiday season. 

Why Gift a Rental Car?

  • If you’re sure he expects another tie this year, why not put a set of keys in his stocking instead? He’ll never expect a new car in the driveway, and even if it’s only for a day, it’s a surprise he’ll never forget! Try a luxury model or the perfect pick-up truck and give him a gift that proves you know him best.
  • If he’s been shuffling around his old car, kicking the tires and tinkering at the engine, maybe a day in a new car will help him decide if he’s ready to take the plunge into a new vehicle.  Give him the gift of confidence this year by getting him a day in the car he’d most like to drive. But why stop at a day? Why not let him test-drive for the week? Then he can take advantage of those end-of-year deals knowing exactly what he wants!
  • If he’s not exactly into gift exchanges, then maybe a day on the open road would better brighten his day.  Give him a few hours or a weekend road trip out in the newest model of his favorite ride and enjoy family time at the same time. 
  • If you’ve been itching to get away, plan that road trip you’ve been talking about and rent a set of thrilling wheels for him to drive to and from your destination. Getting there should be half the fun and with a shiny new low mileage, late model rental, it can be.  

Savannah Car Rentals Can Help You Give Him The Best Gift Yet

If you’d like to rent a car as a gift for your special someone this year, call today and let us help you make your best selection!  Take advantage of the 10% student discount, or if you’re active duty military, we’ll waive the security deposit. Pick up your memorable gift from one of our three locations: Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro. Savannah Car Rentals has a large fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans to choose from and low daily rates starting at $24.99.  

Why worry over what to get him again this year? Start a new tradition of renting the dream this year!