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Prepare for the Holidays with Savannah Car Rental

The holidays are fast approaching, and this may mean travel near or far to visit relatives,
friends, or simply get away for a few days. If you’re hitting the road this November or December,
keep in mind a few helpful tips on how to prepare for your holiday travel, and how Savannah
Car Rental can help:

1. Map your route in advance.
If you’re planning a road trip, it’s helpful to map your route in advance. This will eliminate the
guesswork and stress of trying to do so while you’re driving — which will also help you avoid
using a map or cell phone GPS while you’re driving. Allow plenty of time so you don’t have to
rush, and be sure to take traffic, rush hour, potential road construction, and weather into
account when planning how you’ll get to your destination. This is relatively easy to do with the
variety of GPS apps available.

2. Remember to pack a first-aid kit.
Include a first-aid kit with basic medications and band-aids. You can even include prescription
medicines if necessary. You never know what will happen while you’re on the road, and
depending on where you’re traveling, you may not be anywhere convenient to stop and buy
medical essentials. Having a complete first-aid kit handy can make mishaps on the road a little
more painless.

3. Secure valuables.
Always keep tabs on where your valuables are, even when you’re on a road trip. When you
stop, never leave valuable items in plain sight from outside the vehicle. Lock them in the trunk,
and ensure they’re secured in your luggage. This can help deter break-ins, and can give you
peace of mind, as well.

4. Rent with Savannah Car Rental.
Consider renting a car for your holiday road trip. Renting a car for a road trip is becoming more
popular because it just makes sense. Not only will you have a new car to drive for the duration
of your trip, but you’ll save mileage and wear and tear on your own car.
If you’re planning on a road trip this holiday season, Savannah Car Rental can make that
process easy. Savannah Car Rental can provide you with a safe, low-mileage, late-model
Nissan to get you comfortably to your destination. Whether it’s just you or the entire family, we
offer a variety of vehicle sizes to accommodate your family.

We’re also proud to offer a 10% student discount and will happily waive the security deposit for
active duty military. Any one of our convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro
are ready to make your holiday road trip a great one.
Let Savannah Car Rental Make Your Holiday Road Trip Stress-Free
In addition to preparing thoroughly for your trip with a completely mapped out route, a fully-
stocked first-aid kit, and remembering to secure any and all valuables in the vehicle, renting a
car can ensure a safe and smooth trip. If you’re stressing about your holiday road trip already,
let Savannah Car Rental help!

Savannah Car Rentals is Proud to Offer a Military Discount

The Savannah area is home to several military bases, each having contributed in unique ways
to the history of the region, the state of Georgia, and to the United States itself. That fact is not
lost on Savannah Car Rentals, and we are proud to offer a military discount to active duty
military members.

Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart have been serving the United States for decades and
continue to do so with their various military operations to this day. Whether you’re visiting the
Savannah area, or you’ve lived here all your life, take a minute to appreciate our region’s
military history, especially as Veteran’s Day quickly approaches…

❖ Hunter Army Airfield: Hunter is located in Savannah but is a subordinate installation of
nearby Fort Stewart. Named after Lt. Col. Frank Hunter, a famous WWI pilot, Hunter is
known in part for its exceptionally long runway (almost 11,400 feet). For this reason, it
was actually considered as a possible landing site for several Space Shuttle missions.
Among other groups, the Savannah Coast Guard Air Station operates out of Hunter to
keep our coasts and waterways safe.

❖ Fort Stewart: Fort Stewart is home to several thousand servicemembers and is located
southwest of Savannah in Hinesville, Ga. It was named after Brig. Gen. Daniel Stewart,
a hero of the American Revolution. Fort Stewart housed POW’s during WWII as well as
the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Center. Later on, it was a staging area for divisions responding
to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today is home to the 3rd Infantry Division.

❖ Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay: Just two hours south of Savannah is Naval
Submarine Base Kings Bay. Kings Bay was first an Army base that also staged service
members during the Cuban Missile Crisis and became a Navy installation in the 1970s. It
began housing Trident missile submarines in the 1980s and does so to this day, in
addition to also being the home of the Trident Training Facility and the Marine Corps
Security Force Battalion.

❖ Moody Air Force Base: Moody is three hours southwest of Savannah located near
Valdosta, Ga. During WWII it was primarily a training location, and today it is home to
the 23rd Wing Combat Search and Rescue group.
Savannah Car Rentals: Convenient & Affordable for Active Duty Military
If you are an active duty member of the military, Savannah Car Rentals is sure to be your most
convenient and affordable option when it comes to car rental. Whether you’re renting for
business or recreation, we offer three locations in close proximity to Fort Stewart and Hunter
Airfield in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Avoid adding mileage to your personal car by
renting one of our low mileage, late model Nissans to get to and from your destination safely
and comfortably.

Active duty military members can also benefit from our military discount, which waives our
security deposit. Whether you are visiting from out of town or call one of our local military bases
home, Savannah Car Rentals looks forward to serving you.

Top Halloween Events Near Savannah, GA

October is nearly over, but you’ve still got time to enjoy frights and spooky fun at any number of Halloween events within a few hours’ drive of the Savannah area. Renting a car can not only save your personal vehicle from extra mileage but can also reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

The nearby cities of Atlanta, Austell, and Charleston boast fun and frightful Halloween events to accommodate everyone from young children to older adults that can make for a fun weekend getaway with family and friends. With locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro, Savannah Car Rentals looks forward to offering you a convenient rental, and to helping you get to and from your Halloween destination safely and comfortably.

Consider these popular Halloween events within a few hours’ drive of Savannah:

> Brick or Treat at Atlanta’s Legoland Discovery Center: Just 3.5 hours away from Savannah, Brick or Treat is a month-long event with Halloween fun best suited for children ages 3-10 years. The Legoland Discovery Center is an indoor, interactive Lego experience and Brick or Treat turns this Lego-world into a Halloween festival. Kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt, numerous candy stations throughout, and a costume contest during the last weekend of October. Families can enjoy live entertainment and family Lego building activities during Legoland’s Party Nights during select evenings in October, as well.

> Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Georgia: Located in Austell, GA just northeast of Atlanta, Six Flags offers its crowd-pleasing Fright Fest throughout October. Zombies, ghosts, and ghouls roam the park during the day and evenings. If you find scary thrills entertaining, Fright Fest is definitely for you. Enjoy all of Six Flags’ famous rides and roller coasters but with a scary twist; scare zones, haunted mazes, and other Halloween attractions can be found throughout the park during Fright Fest until October 31.

> Ghost Tours in Charleston, SC: Just a two-hour drive north to Charleston will open up many more opportunities to be terrified and entertained. Check out Bulldog Tours’ numerous ghost tours throughout the city; two favorites are a walking tour through Charleston’s oldest cemeteries, and a tour through the city’s oldest and most “haunted” jail.

> Charleston’s Haunted Pub Crawl: For those of age, Charleston also has a number of Halloween-themed pub crawls. On these tours, you’ll not only enjoy quality local beers and appetizers at several different brew houses, but your guide will also share fascinating stories of the city’s haunting past.

Trust Savannah Car Rentals With Your Halloween Excursion

When it comes to rental cars, trust Savannah Car Rentals to get you to your destination safe and sound. We offer an impressive lineup of late model, low-mileage Nissans that can carry you and your family or friends to any spooky destination safely and comfortably.

Additionally, we offer a 10% student discount, and active duty military members can waive the security deposit. Contact any one of our three convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro to start planning your Halloween road trip today. We look forward to serving you!

Benefits of Renting Local vs. National Brands

Whether you’re planning to rent a car for business or personal travel, there are many rental car companies to choose from. Unsurprisingly, you may first think of the big-name national brands when you think of rental cars. But more often than not, you’ll find better prices and more personalized, attentive customer service when you rent with a local rental car company.

National brands certainly have well-known, household names with many locations across the country. But their prices, policies, and customer service also reflect their corporate size and management. Local brands are locally owned, if not family owned, and have more freedom in how they conduct business and relate to customers.

Check out a few reasons why renting local should be a top priority the next time you’re planning to book a driving trip:

> Support a Local Business & Reap the Benefit(s)

When you rent with a local brand, you’re not only supporting the local economy, but you’re also supporting a locally owned, likely family-owned, business rather than contributing to a corporate conglomerate. Renting local allows you to rent from those who are truly your neighbors, rather than an impersonal, nationwide brand. The local tourism industry will benefit from patronizing a local rental brand, as well.

> More Personalized Attention

When you rent with a local brand, you — the customer — are the number one priority. National brands have to answer to corporate offices and stakeholders, and the customer often ends up a lower priority. Local brands, however, have customers as their sole focus, meaning you get the attention you deserve. Expect more one-on-one, personalized service when you rent with a local brand. You’re not just one among thousands of people going in and out of the rental facility each year — you’re a valued customer who is trusting our company to skillfully handle your travel needs, and local brands — like Savannah Car Rental — are in a better position to prioritize you.

> Better Rates & Policies

You’ll likely find better, more economical rates and policies when renting with local brands. Local brands have much more freedom and flexibility in terms of how business is conducted compared to national brands. The policies and prices of national brands are usually dictated by corporate offices. Local brands will not only have better rates, but also more freedom to offer better deals and promotions as they aren’t subject to nationwide, corporate-driven promotional campaigns.

Savannah Car Rental is Ready to Serve You

For your next road trip or business travel needs in Savannah, GA, Savannah Car Rental is ready to serve you. We’re proud to be a local rental brand that supports the economy of our region with bustling locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro.

We offer an impressive lineup of low mileage, late model Nissans at competitive daily and weekly rates. We also offer a 10% student discount, and active duty military members can waive our security deposit.

When considering rental cars in the future, rent from a local brand like Savannah Car Rental to not only support local businesses, but to also ensure you’re getting the best price and top-notch customer service.

The Best Fall Road Trips From Savannah, GA

Temperatures are dropping, and leaves are turning: fall is approaching! Now is the time to plan a fall road trip to take in the beauty of the Southeast. Savannah Car Rentals can help you plan a fall getaway with affordable, safe, and high-quality rental vehicles.

Fall is the best time of the year to travel. Traffic is lighter than in the summer and temperatures are cooler, making outdoor activities all the more enjoyable. There are several locations within a few hours’ drive of Savannah that offer incredibly stunning fall scenery:

> Cloudland Canyon State Park (5.5 hours from Savannah)

When fall hits, Cloudland Canyon boasts incredible views that can be enjoyed while hiking or mountain biking. Trails wind through dense forests, along cliff edges, and through canyons. Hikers can also explore waterfalls, and if you’re experienced, consider exploring one of several caves in the state park. Cloudland Canyon also offers an 18-hold disc golf course, and plenty of camping opportunities whether you want to spend the night in a cottage, a backcountry campsite, or even a yurt.

> Tallulah Gorge State Park (5 hours north of Savannah)

Tallulah Gorge can be found just west of the South Carolina/Georgia border. Hike the rim of Tallulah Gorge for stunning views of fall foliage or obtain a permit to hike to the gorge floor. A suspension bridge near the floor of the gorge will immerse hikers in 360-degree views of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Whitewater kayaking is also a favorite activity here, though it’s best left to those who are experienced as very intense rapids form in the fall when a dam upstream is opened.

> Yonah Mountain & Helen, GA (5 hours north of Savannah)

Helen, GA is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest in northeastern Georgia. Hike the four-mile round trip trail to the summit of Yonah Mountain; the trails feature steep cliff drop offs and a challenging upward hike, but at the summit you’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside. Dogs are allowed on this trail, so Yonah Mountain is a great destination if you plan to bring your family pet along. If you’re looking for a cultural experience, stop by in nearby Helen, GA for their annual Oktoberfest, which runs most weekends in September and October.

Let Savannah Car Rental Serve You

Savannah Car Rentals can help make your fall adventure an affordable and safe one — rent one of our low mileage, late model Nissans in sizes from compact to sport utility and save your personal car from additional mileage, wear, and tear.

We have three convenient locations in Savannah, Statesboro, and Hinesville ready to serve you with daily and weekly rates. We also offer a 10% college student discount, and active duty military members can waive our security deposit.

If you’re in the Savannah area and are ready to explore the beautiful fall foliage of Georgia, look no further than Savannah Car Rentals to help make your road trip a successful, safe, and affordable one.

4 Ways to Make Car Repair Easier


Whether your brakes have failed, or you need a new air conditioner filter, taking your car to the shop can be a daunting task. Auto repair has the potential to be expensive and time-consuming. It can also be a challenge to figure out alternative transportation while your car is in the shop, so you don’t have to completely rearrange your schedule.


However, you can make the entire auto repair experience easier with research, planning, and a little help from Savannah Car Rental:


  1. Explore Your Options


Don’t take your car to the first shop in the phonebook or the first listing on Angie’s List. Whether you need routine maintenance or a major repair (like brakes, transmission, etc.), it’s worth it to take the time to explore your options so you can find the best repair shop for you, your car, and your budget.


When researching repair shops, be sure to read reviews and consider ratings, like ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Compare prices for routine maintenance and be sure to consider how long various repair shops anticipate a larger job to take.


  1. Gather Multiple Quotes


Gathering quotes from multiple auto repair shops is most important if your car needs major repairs. Consult with several auto repair shops; describe what repairs your car will need done, and request an estimated price, as well as how long the job will take. Remember that the shop’s location, hours, size, and number of employees all may play a role in the price of auto repair.


  1. If possible, plan auto repair around your schedule.


If possible, plan for your car to be in the shop at a time that is convenient for you. Schedule appointments and maintenance on days you have off from work, or during weeks that you have more flexibility in your schedule. Doing so will make sure the chore of auto repair doesn’t interfere with your obligations to work and family.


  1. Let Savannah Car Rental help!


Regardless of whether you can plan ahead for your auto repair, Savannah Car Rental can help make auto repair easier. Plan to rent from SCR so you have a reliable, safe mode of transportation while your car is in the shop, whether it’s for a day or a week.


We have three convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro where you can choose any one of our late model, low-mileage Nissans to help you keep on schedule even when your car is out of commission. We offer compact cars and minivans and everything in between to accommodate you and your family.


When you rent with Savannah Car Rental, you’ll also be able to take advantage of discounts like our 10% college student discount, or our security deposit waiver for active duty military.


Auto repair can be a hassle, but with Savannah Car Rental, it doesn’t have to be. We offer a solution to the inconvenience of taking your car to the shop — rent with us for a seamless auto repair experience!

Summer is coming to a close—so it’s time to consider a last-minute vacation to soak up just a bit
more sun and enjoy a few more adventures before calendars become full of school activities,
sports, and homework assignments.
There are many incredible options for vacations within just a few hours’ drive of Savannah,
Hinesville, and Statesboro. You can plan a fun, last-minute summer vacation—and an affordable
one! —with a little help from Savannah Car Rentals.

Cheap car rentals make a driving trip possible. We have three locations in Savannah, Hinesville,
and Statesboro, all with convenient hours. Our customers enjoy low-mileage, late-model
Nissans of various sizes to help you enjoy your vacation in any of the beautiful destinations in
southeast Georgia and surrounding areas.

Consider embarking on a trip to one of these nearby locations for an unforgettable last-minute
summer vacation:

  •  St. Simon’s Island, GA: This quaint island in south Georgia is less than an hour and a half
    south of Savannah; you’ll drive right by the Savannah College of Art and Design on your
    way there. The Bloody Marsh Battle site is located here, and it’s an important part of
    Georgia history. Here the British fought Spanish invaders in 1742, eliminating the threat
    of Spanish conquest. For those in your group less interested in history, the St. Simon’s
    Lighthouse is a must-see. Further, St. Simon’s beaches have minimal development, so
    you can enjoy natural beaches and enjoy seeing wildlife like dolphins and even sea
  • Beaufort, SC: Beaufort had the honor of being named the “South’s Best Small Town” by
    Southern Living Magazine in 2017. It’s just an hour and a half east of Georgia Southern
    University, located in Statesboro. Beaufort is made even more unique by the Spanish
    moss shading its quiet streets and surrounding impressive Civil War-era homes. Enjoy
    waterfront views walking or biking along the Spanish Moss Trail, a ten-mile paved trail
    that takes you through low country marshes and unique neighborhoods of Beaufort
  • Amelia Island, FL: Amelia Island is just two hours from Hinesville and Armstrong Atlantic
    State University, and offers some of the best beaches in the southeast. Kayak through
    the nearby marshes to appreciate local wildlife, or visit the Fort Clinch Civil War fort.
    Amelia Island is also a great place to charter a sea fishing boat and either try your hand
    at fishing for ocean creatures, or just enjoy time on the water.
    If you’re coming from Hinesville or Statesboro, there are also plenty of fun things to do in
    Savannah, such as eat, shop, and stroll in the charming Historic District, tour the SCAD Museum
    of Art, or admire the impressive live oaks and Spanish Moss at the Wormsloe Historic Site.
    Make the most of these final days of summer and plan a last-minute vacation to experience the
    history, natural beauty, and unique environments of St. Simon’s Island, Beaufort, or Amelia
    Island. Savannah Car Rental can provide a cheap car rental to make your vacation safe, fun, and

Savannah Car Rentals – For Your Summer Getaway


Summer is the best time to enjoy warmer weather, beautiful scenery, and explore new places with family and friends. But for one reason or another, not everyone can spend an entire week vacationing, be it a few states away, or on the other side of the globe.


That doesn’t mean you can’t still plan an awesome trip for you and your family this summer. A weekend excursion to one of several beautiful locations within a few hours’ drive of Savannah is a great, affordable way to get away from your routine for a few days.


Savannah Car Rentals can help make it happen with convenient locations, safe and comfortable cars, and unbeatable prices.


Beaches, History, & Adventure


Those leaving from a Savannah Car Rentals’ location in the Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro areas can reach one of several dream destinations in under four hours. Many cities onthe southeastern seaboard make great vacation destinations, but consider one of these beautiful southern cities for your next weekend trip:


St. Augustine, FLSt. Augustine is a great location for the history buffs in your family, and you can get there in less than three hours. Tour the centuries-old Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, an original Spanish fort built in the 17thcentury. St. Augustine is also known for its beautiful, clean beaches, like Ponte Vedra Beach and Crescent Beach.


Myrtle Beach, SCLess than four hours in the car will get you to Myrtle Beach, a quaint town on the South Carolina coast,known for its warm waters and beautiful beaches. Spend time in the surf, or catch a show at the Carolina Opry. Myrtle Beach State Park also offers opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and camping.


Atlanta, GA: If you’re not a beach-goer or just want a more urban experience, head about four hours northeast to Atlanta. The state’s capital will certainly keep you busy, as it boasts the incredible Atlanta History Center, several Martin Luther King, Jr. historic sites (including his boyhood home and gravesite), and Centennial Olympic Park.


Let Savannah Car Rentals Serve You


Renting a car for a weekend trip saves mileage and reduces wear and tear on your own vehicle; and renting with Savannah Car Rentals is easy, thanks to three accessible locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Savannah Car Rentals has a line-up of late model, low-mileage Nissans waiting to carry you safely to St. Augustine, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, or elsewhere. No matter your family size, choose a car that will keep your comfortable on your drive, whether that’s a compact, mid-size, or a mini-van.


Local renters will enjoy great prices on rentals, and deals that make affording your vacation easier: active duty military members can waive their security deposit upon renting, and college students can enjoy a 10% college student discount.


A weekend getaway provides ample time to relax, explore, and adventure in any of the great destinations within driving distance of Savannah; and Savannah Car Rentals looks forward to helping you make that trip a reality.

It’s that time of year again—Father’s Day is right around the corner and there are many activities that you and Dad can do to celebrate the big day! From brunching to boat rides, any of these fun Savannah activities will surely give Dad a day to remember!

Family Brunch Favorites

If you don’t go to brunch, are you really doing Sunday right?! Treat Dad to a Sunday morning feast at one of our favorite Savannah brunch spots. No matter where you choose, everyone in the family will leave full and happy. Dine like a king at these Savannah brunch spots:

Ice Cream at Leopold’s

You scream, Dad screams, we all scream for ice cream—take Dad out for a scoop or two! A Savannah classic, ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream never disappoints! For almost a century, Leopold’s, located in the Historic District, has served up flavors such as Peanut Butter Chippy, Tutti Fruitti, and Honey Almond & Cream. Any flavor you choose will absolutely hit the spot.

Float Down the Savannah River

Explore Savannah from a different perspective! If your dad enjoys the great outdoors, explore the historic highways by boat – take him on a Blackwater River Float through Wilderness Southeast. This float down the Savannah River is fun, easy enough for beginners, and even comes with a guide to tell you the history of the river and its banks. For more information: read here.

Pop Into a Local Brewery

What better way to bond with your old man than throwing back a cold brew? If your Dad is a beer lover, the perfect gift would be to take him to one (or two!) of Savannah’s local breweries. Split a flight, sit back, and relax! Here are some of our favorites:

Play Dad In A Round of Golf

Ah, the sport that (almost) everyone’s Dad loves—golf, and Savannah has plenty of it! Set up a tee time for you and the family and hit the course! Take him to his favorite course, or maybe even a new one that neither of you has tried. Though a lot of the clubs in Savannah are exclusive to members only, there are some options that all the locals can enjoy. Check out some of these beautiful courses located right here in Savannah.

Need a ride to get around town this Father’s Day? Call us at Savannah Car Rentals and we’ll help get you on the road in no time!

Show your mom some love by whisking her away to her home away from home in Savannah, Georgia this Mother’s Day! Savannah is a popular vacation destination due to its fascinating historic sites, beautiful weather, delicious dining, and many other attractions. Treat your mom to sunny skies, shopping, spas, brunch, and more for Mother’s Day in Savannah, GA!

  • Mother’s Day Boat Cruise Enjoy the view of the Savannah River and a taste of classic Southern cuisine as you set sail! On May 14th, invite the whole family to celebrate Mom’s special day on one of Savannah’s famous boat cruises. Book your tickets now! 
  • Tea in the Garden– Learn about the history and culture of tea beginning in the 19th century at the garden of the famous Davenport House! This presentation is a perfect mother and daughter activity, as tea and small snacks are provided while you learn more about the heritage of your favorite beverage. Tea in the Garden takes place every Thursday and Friday now through the end of May, so book your tickets just in time for Mother’s Day!
  • Artwalk– Join us on May 12th for Savannah’s annual Artwalk in Historic District! This festival displays the multi-faceted works of art created by the students of SCAD, local artists, and more! Treat your mom to a shopping day at this beautiful festival in the heart of Savannah!
  • Colorvibe 5k– Got a runner in the family? Indulge in this nation-wide, paint-splattered run along Hutchinson’s Island this Mother’s Day weekend! Tickets are on sale now!
  • Sweetwater Spa– Treat mom to a relaxing spa day at Sweetwater Spa. Sit back and relax for a full day of treatment that includes mani-pedis, massages, lunch, and more with one of Sweetwater’s special packages. Book your spa day now for a Mother’s Day to remember!
  • Tybee Beach Escape the city life by visiting Savannah’s most famous beach, Tybee Island. Located right outside the city, you can treat Mom to a relaxing day on the beach, filled with suntanning, a nice picnic, swimming and more!

Experience even more of the city of Savannah at your convenience by renting a car of your choice with Savannah Car Rental! Treating your mom to the best of the best is no small task, but with rentals starting at just $24.99, your Savannah plans are bound to go smoothly. Book now to take advantage of our amazing prices!