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No one wants to drive in bad weather. But unfortunately, it happens. In Georgia, we’re known for a crazy storm or two. Sometimes we even are subject to icy conditions that can leave the roads dangerous. But the reality is no matter where you’re driving, there’s always a chance you’ll run into some sort of severe weather.

While no one wants it to happen, being prepared for it can help you get through those severe storms that seem to creep up on you when you’re stuck in traffic or on your way home from work.

We’ve put together a list of tips for driving in severe weather. Whether you’re renting a car, or you’re making a long trip across the country, it’s better to be over-prepared for bad weather than not prepared at all!

Here are ways you can stay ahead of the storm.

  1. Plan ahead.

Always look at the forecast and radar to see if there are any storms predicted in the area you’re driving. If there are, considering postponing until the weather clears up. But if there is absolutely no way you can postpone, take necessary precautions depending on the type of storm that’s coming.

Make sure you’ve got all working headlights and taillights on your car. Also, that your windshield wipers are in good condition and can handle heavy rain. You can also clean your headlights for clearer visibility.

Keep an emergency kit in your car in case you run into any unexpected circumstances. A good flashlight. Jumper cables. An ice scraper. Blankets. These are just a few things to consider in an emergency kit for your car.

  1. It’s not a race.

Even if you have to get somewhere very quickly, driving too fast in severe weather is a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s ice or heavy rain, take your time. It’s better to get to a destination in one piece than fast. It’s recommended that you reduce your speed by one-third on wet roads. Stay in the right lane, and don’t worry about the time. Just focus on getting there, however long it takes.

  1. Know your car and trust your instincts.

If you’re renting a car and see that there’s a bad forecast ahead, do some research on the car. Drive it a little bit before the storm hits to get a feel for the car and get comfortable driving it.

You can see how certain vehicles perform in bad weather by just doing some simple research. It’s probably best to leave a jeep without a hardcover in the garage when you’re driving through extreme weather. But you can be sure to understand how certain vehicles react in certain situations.

No one wants to prepare for driving in severe weather. The safest option is to always wait out the storm. But if you can’t, being prepared, knowing your instincts, and taking your time are three ways in which you can be a little bit safer driving in extreme weather situations.

Your first road trip is always memorable. It may have been your first as a kid driving a long distance with your family. Or it may have been when you finally were able to drive yourself and you took to the open road. Whichever memory you have of your first road trip, we’re sure it’s filled with nostalgia. We’d like to keep on that nostalgia and help you plan memorable road trips for years to come.

When planned right, road trips are memorable vacations that you’ll keep revisiting. It doesn’t matter if you’re just traveling around Georgia, or if you’re driving all the way to the Pacific Northwest, planning the perfect road trip can be easy! And with the right amount of planning (and flexibility!) you’ll be sure to enjoy your trip in one of our late-stage model cars.

These are some suggestions we have to plan a road trip. While all trips demand at least a tiny bit of flexibility, it’s up to you to determine how flexible or conservative you want to be! If you’ve got somewhere to get to quickly, then rigid planning is probably necessary. But if you’re open to the road ahead without a deadline, then less planning could be the right option. Either way, here’s what to do to plan the perfect road trip.

Choose a destination

This goes without saying, right? After all, you have to eventually get somewhere. We know the journey is the real destination and all that. But have a rough plan for where you’d like to go. Maybe you want to go check out Florida’s West Coast, or maybe you want to drive to Texas! Planning a destination is definitely the first step in embarking on your perfect road trip.

Plan your route

There are a lot of ways to get to one destination. Your route can be the determining factor in your entire road trip experience. If you’ve got the time, plan out a roundabout trip and choose stops along the way. Take the back roads and see the towns you’re driving through! Or, if you’re in a hurry, the interstate is always a fast choice.

Rent your vehicle

Book your rental vehicle with us! We always guarantee unlimited mileage, and all of our cars are late-stage and factory fresh. So no matter where you’re going, you’ll be in a comfortable car. Renting with us is as easy as four steps. Look at our current inventory and choose which car is best for you and your road trip needs.

Bring entertainment + snacks

Are you an avid podcaster? Do you have your road trip playlist made? Bringing entertainment on a long road trip will help pass the time on long stretches. Also, we highly recommend bringing some snacks. Whatever you like, it’s up to you. But snacking and jamming to a playlist is what makes the perfect road trip, in our opinion.

Expect road bumps

Traveling always has a sense of adventure. This is exciting, but can also lead to some unexpected road bumps happening along the way. That’s ok! Planning for flexibility in your trip can help ease and tension caused by unwanted hurdles. And if you have a smooth trip with no hiccups, then it’s better to plan for it than to be caught off guard.

Renting a car sometimes can be an on-the-fly decision. If you’ve got a road trip coming up or if your car is in the shop, you might not have put too much thought into which rental car is the right choice for you. But contrary to this belief, understanding which car is best for you can actually help you save money.

There are a lot of big-name rental companies all over the world. We know the names, they’re big franchises that aren’t necessarily looking out for your best interest. But Savannah Car Rentals is different. We care about our customers and want to see them drive away in a car that’s right for them. This means you! We want to help you in renting the best car to fit your needs.

We’ve identified some ways in which you can decide which car is the best for you and your family.

Understand all the perks and discounts you’re entitled to

We’ve got a few different types of discounts for drivers. Students receive 10% OFF with their ID. Military veterans and active duty receive among the highest rental car discounts in the industry at 15% OFF. You can also add additional items to your rentals like GPS or insurance that protects you and other drivers. Understanding all the perks of your rental car is the first step in choosing which is best for you.

Consider your mileage and the need for your trip

Are you driving a long solo trip? Or are you bringing a family of five across the country? These situations can impact the total cost of your trip. Consider which cars have the best mileage, or are most effective for what you need. If you’re in need of a truck and don’t need to travel, then mileage probably isn’t at the time of your mind. But if you’ve got a long-haul trip ahead, you may want to consider how good the car is on mileage and what you’ll pay.

Savannah Car Rentals has unlimited mileage on all our rentals, so no matter how far you go, you won’t have to pay us! Just the cost of filling the tanks.

Returning your rental car

When you return your car, we recommend returning with a full tank of gas to avoid any fees that you’ll have to pay for gas. Pick a time that works best for you! We’re flexible with return days and times, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Make sure you do a final sweep of the car as well. Make sure that the car is free of any and all personal belongings! You can also tell us anything you’d like that happened on your trip, we’re happy to do a final walkthrough with you — pending our hours of operation.

Renting a car can be exciting! Especially if you’re about to head out on a family trip. Choosing the right car is important in guaranteeing your trip is off to a good start. If you’re ready to book your car rental, check out our available factory-fresh models!

If you’ve never rented a car, sometimes it can feel like a big decision to make. What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks, if any? Does it save me money in the long term?

Sometimes renting a car is out of necessity. If you’re flying to a destination that requires car travel, renting a car may sometimes be your only option. Many US cities, Savannah included, aren’t exactly known for their public transportation.

Another necessity would be if your own car broke down and you needed to get around while it was in the shop. This is a common reason people rent cars and is not at all as fun as a vacation car rental.

And then other times, people need to rent because their own cars aren’t as reliable to get from point A to point B. This is where renting a car can be a more affordable and safer option.

Of all the reasons to rent a car, we’ve identified four advantages to the car rental process and why renting with Savannah Car Rentals is the right choice when considering your next car rental company.

  1. A company that cares

We here at Savannah Car Rentals care about your car rental experience. That is why we’ve streamlined the process and made it as easy as possible. In just four easy steps you can be on your way out of our lot and in your own rental car. We’re known for our attentiveness when it comes to our customers and cars. We guarantee that all cars are factory-fresh and late-stage models, ensuring you and whoever you’re driving with a safe journey.

  1. Variety to choose from

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to rent a car, having a variety of vehicles to choose from is paramount. We have a wide selection of cars, from smaller economy vehicles to larger luxury vehicles and everywhere in between.

Our vehicles vary in make, model, and size making us a dependable and easy choice when faced with renting a car whether you’re a solo driver or need to pack a family into your vehicle.

  1. Low mileage on all of our cars

We guarantee that all of our cars are factory-fresh and late-stage models. In addition, we can guarantee that the car you rent with us will be low mileage. Driving in a late-stage, low-mileage vehicle not only feels good, but it is the safer option. Your safety is our priority, which is why we invest in the best vehicles and never rent cars with high mileage.

  1. Convenience is key

It wouldn’t matter if we had all the best cars for you to choose inconvenient hours and locations. But with three locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. We’re always open during business hours, and we even have some evening and weekend flexibility for you.

If you’re using our services because your car is in the shop or any other insurance need, we also work with your insurance company to get you reimbursed. Saving you the headache of dealing with insurance companies and their long-wait calls.

Renting with Savannah Car Rentals is a no-brainer! We show our customers that we care through high-quality, low-mileage vehicles, convenience, and variety. If you’re in need of a rental car, consider renting with us today!

Photo by Armando Lazo from Pexels

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us, and while it’s important to shower mom with love and praise all year, giving her some extra lovin’ on Mother’s Day is sure to bring some joy into her heart.

Spring is a beautiful time. While we say goodbye to the cooler winter months, Spring welcomes us with wildflowers, sunny breezes, and warmer temperatures to warm our hearts. Life is blooming all around, it’s a sweet invitation to the lazy days of summer. So if you’re wondering what to do with mom this Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite destinations around Savannah.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious trip, why not rent a car and take her on her own special journey with the family? Making memories is what Mother’s Day is all about, and if you’re in need of car rentals, we can assist you! Whether your mom is a fan of history, hiking, or just hanging low, we’ve identified four relaxing day trips to take with mom this spring.

For the Outdoor Mom: Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

If mom is a lover of the outdoors, take her on a quick trip to The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a 31,000-mile acre park located in both Chatham and Effingham counties. The Savannah River runs through this beautiful refuge and is known as the lifeblood of the area. In addition to the river, the refuge consists of marshes, tidal rivers, creeks, and woods. Here, you can enjoy peaceful picnics, hikes, nature-watching, and other outdoor activities with the family.

One fun fascinating fact about this refuge is that the area is split between Georgia and South Carolina.

For the History Buff Mom: Wormsloe Historic Site

This colonial estate belonged to Noble Jones (1702-1775) and features massive live oak trees and Spanish moss that lead you to the small, antique structure. It’s a marriage of natural beauty and rich history.

This historic site is great for families and friends to gather and learn about their Georgian heritage! It’s also a great place for picnicking and taking leisurely strolls along the magnificent oak trees.

The park typically hosts reenactments, so be sure to check their website for their latest calendar of events. If mom is a history-lover, this is a must-see.

For the Mom Who Loves Community: Tom Triplett Community Park

Tom Triplett Community Park is a great place to take a day trip and celebrate mom! If your mama loves to be around others, then try throwing a gathering under one of the park’s pavilions. Here, the whole extended family can get together and enjoy mother’s day together under the beautiful Spring air.

Take mom fishing in its lake, or picnic along the lake’s quaint shoreline. If you’ve got little ones to attend to, the park has some great playground areas for kiddos to enjoy and be entertained for hours!

No matter what type of mom you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day, we’re here to support the love you feel all year long! Savannah Car Rentals is offering 10% OFF all car rentals for Mother’s Day! Just mention this blog when booking your rental car.

Renting a car during the spring is one of the most beautiful times to take a long drive. The highways around the country are filled with wildflowers and greenery. Life seems to be waking up at every corner. America’s East Coast is filled with beautiful sites to see. Whether it’s the great cities like New York or DC, or historical sites like Jamestown, there are so many sites along our East Coast.

And what better time to take a vacation than spring? We may be biased, but there’s something magical about driving down a highway blooming with wildflowers. No one actually thinks they have seasonal depression until they’re singing and dancing when it’s nice and sunny out on a random day in March. And when the Springtime rolls in, it’s a perfect time to plan a romantic road trip, or a family getaway.

So whether you’re planning a weeks-long trip, or want to do a power road trip along the East Coast, we suggest stopping in one (or all!) of these four shore towns.

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach can be your first beachy stop from Savannah. With its endless miles of beach there are literally thousands of things to do along Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area. We’re not exaggerating!

Known for its celebrity-designed golf courses, 60-miles of coastline, along its shore are an array of arcades, amusement parks, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Whether you’re making an entire vacation from Myrtle Beach, or just a quick jaunt on your East Coast trip, you’re sure to find some exciting things to do in this shore town.

2. The Outer Banks

Moving along North on our East Coast road trip are North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They live up to their name as they’re barrier islands off the coast of the state. The Outer Banks separate North Carolina from the Atlantic Ocean and are connected by various bridges, the longest being the Virginia Dare Bridge.

Take a bit of a detour and drive along its 5.2 miles to see open sea and beauty. There is always something exciting to do in the Outer Banks. They have a vast selection of restaurants, attractions, shopping, and events to welcome any type of tourist to its sunny shores.

3. The Jersey Shore

While the MTV show would have you think otherwise, the Jersey Shore can actually be a quiet and quaint stop along your East Coast road trip. Known for their boardwalk and home of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, the Jersey Shore has a wide selection of beach activities to do along its coast.

If you’ve got the kiddos with you, you can stop in Point Pleasant for a daytime trip to the boardwalk where the family can play games, eat cotton candy, and ride all the rides they want. They’ve got a funhouse and an aquarium to make the day even better for your family.

If you’re not with kiddos and are looking for a more nightlife vibe, you can stop in Seaside, home to night clubs on the beach and yes, Snooki. But really almost all shore towns along the Jersey Shore have a quiet boardwalk you can walk with your hunny for a nice romantic getaway.

4. Plymouth

Our last stop along the East Coast is the historical town of Plymouth, MA. We have to admit, the Plymouth Rock is really just a big ol’ rock, but it’s cool to see it and marvel at its history.

The quiet town has some of the country’s most delicious seafood. And being one of our nation’s oldest settlements, the city has tons of rich history and museums to explore.

So whether you’re renting a car for a long road trip along the East Coast or for a night in Savannah, we can be your solution. We always offer the highest discounts for our veterans! We also offer 10% OFF for students. All of our cars are factory fresh, have low-mileage, and are late models. Book your rental car with us today.

Renting a car for the first time can seem a little bit stressful. But we promise with Savannah Car Rentals it’s as easy as 4 steps. Really we have just four easy steps for you to take and then you’ll be on your way with your first rental car! Those four easy steps are

1. Select your date and destination

2. Choose Your Vehicle

3. Choose Your Protector Plan and Extras

4. Review and Send Your Information

It’s that easy!

Renting a car for the first time can feel like a big decision. A lot of the time, the folks who haven’t rented before are students, and we always give students 10% OFF their car rentals. Just contact us today to learn more about that discount. But without further adieu, we’d like to address all the concerns of first-time car renters so here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

How old do I have to be to rent from Savannah Car Rentals?

Unlike other car rental companies, you only have to be 21 to rent with us. Though you may be subject to an underage fee, we can talk about that during your rental process.

What documents should I bring with me when renting a car?

You’ll always need a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a form of payment. The payment must be either a debit or credit card. No cash. We also don’t accept reloadable or prepaid debit cards. They have to be connected to a checking account at a major bank or credit union.

What about payment? Do I pay before or after?

At Savannah Car Rental, all rental cars are paid for upfront. Which gives you the ease of knowing that the car is paid for and good to go. You don’t have to worry about payment, especially if you’re using the car for a vacation and may have spent a little too much.

Where am I allowed to drive?

We allow all of our vehicles to be driven out of state unless otherwise noted in your agreement. We encourage you to take road trips! We’ve got a few blogs on great road trips to take around Savannah, too.

Do I have to pay per mile?

Nope. All Savannah Car Rental vehicles come with unlimited mileage. All of our cars are factory fresh and are late models so you’ll be looking fresh right off our lot!

If you’re interested in renting a car for the first time, check out our selection and you can finish the process in just those four easy steps. If you’ve still got more questions, we’re happy to answer them. Or check out the frequently asked questions page.

Here we are, over a year later, and still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all want this to be done, it’s pretty clear that the pandemic isn’t quite done with us yet. The silver lining of this pandemic, as frustrating and hard as it’s been, is that we’ve learned a lot over the past year. And with that learning, we’re able to implement more informed protocols to keep you safe in any of our factory-fresh and quality vehicles.

Your safety is our number one priority, and we wanted to create this easy guide for you when you’re planning your next car rental with us.

  • Understand any risk of where you are and where you’re going. If you’re coming from a hotspot, make it a point to get tested or quarantine before your trip. If you’re going to a hotspot, plan for a bit of isolation upon your return home.

  • Make a checklist of all the essential items you’ll need on your road trip. Mask up. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer. It’s always best to check the most up to date CDC guidelines when planning your trip.

  • Plan for more outdoor activities and be more mindful of your indoor activities. While all of our cars are safe and clean, we know that your destination may pose some risk. Weigh the options and plan your trip accordingly. The CDC recommends social distancing of at least 6 feet when meeting with others outside your household.

  • Patience is a virtue. We have all learned to be a little bit more patient this year. And our trips and vacations are no exception. Although a road trip or a car rental isn’t automatically deemed high-risk activity, packing a bit of patience will help you set expectations for what’s to come and make way for a much more enjoyable time.

Whether you’ve traveled this year, or you’re looking to finally venture out, Savannah Car Rentals is doing everything we can to keep you safe. All of our factory-fresh cars are cleaned and ready for you to have your next adventure! You can always call us or visit our website to easily book your vehicle.

Buckle up, everyone. We’re in for the long haul when it comes to this pandemic. But know that we’re following all state and federal guidelines when it comes to covid-19. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call or visit our website.

While Georgia is known around the world for our peaches, many don’t know how beautiful this state really is. From the northern Georgia mountains, to the 110 miles of Georgia coastline, there are a lot of scenic routes you can take with a loved one or with the whole family.

There’s nothing quite like a scenic road trip. Sometimes it may even be worth the longer journey to see beautiful sites, stop at local shops and restaurants, and get a real, genuine feel for the town.

Our cars at Savannah Car Rentals are reliable, safe, and perfect for a scenic drive anywhere. But we’ve identified some of our favorite scenic adventures around our very own beautiful state. Booking a car has never been easier with our four easy steps. Also, we always offer the highest discount for our veteran drivers, just ask!

1. Ridge & Valley Scenic Byway – 51 Miles

As its name would imply, this scenic byway allows drivers to view the many terrains of northwest Georgia. You’ve got a selection of mountain overlooks pairs with lush farmlands. It’s a great stretch to turn up the music, relax, and drive. It’s beautiful in any season, but we love and are suckers for the foliage during autumn.

2. Coastal Highway U.S. 17

This is a great option for ditching the crowded and busy highway. US 17 stretches nearly across the length of Georgia. It’s a perfect destination and journey for those interested in birding. Along the highway are 18 viewing spots to observe over 300 species of bird. Wow! Some of the viewing spots include Colonial Coast Birding Trail and Harris Neck National Refuge.

3. Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway

This is one of Georgia’s most breathtaking scenic drives. Almost 6 hours outside of Savannah, this scenic drive includes stunning views of the Cohutta Mountains. The byway begins in Prater’s Mill in Whitfield County, following State Route 2 into Murray County. The 54-mile route ends in a beautiful mountain look. It’s a beautiful photo opportunity and scenic destination.

Whether you’re staying in Savannah, traveling around Georgia, or even the United States, Savannah Car Rentals make the car rental process easy. We’re taking extra precautions during COVID-19 as well because your and you’re family’s safety are our number one priority.


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether or not you have a sweetheart doesn’t matter all too much. You’re likely in need of a quick jaunt or getaway, so why not use the Hallmark holiday as an excuse to indulge and treat yourself?

Renting a car from Savannah Car Rentals is both affordable and easy. We offer one of the highest military discounts in the business of 15%. We also offer student discounts of 10%, so be sure to talk to us about those discounts when booking your next car rental.

So, whether you’re going on a romantic getaway with your partner, or showing yourself some self-love, here are three beautifully romantic getaways around Savannah.

1. Drive to Tybee Island for a Sunrise View

What’s more romantic than a quiet beach sunrise? Honestly not much. You can hop in one of our convenient and clean rental cars with your sweetie and marvel at the sunrise over the water. There’s no denying that Savannah does romance right, so book your romantic staycation today.

2. Have a nice picnic

We live in a world of social distance and isolation, there’s no denying that. That’s why picnics are making a comeback. Grab your favorite person and head to any one of Savannah’s beautiful parks to sit and enjoy a meal together. Take in the sunshine and relax for the day.

Our cars, whether large or small can accommodate all your picnic supplies.

3. End the evening at a romantic hotel.

Savannah is home to many romantic hotels, but the Hamilton Turner Inn is of utmost beauty and charm.

Embrace the historic charm and Southern hospitality that radiates from the Hamilton-Turner Inn. Rated one of the most romantic hotels on TripAdvisor, this inn is set amongst the beautiful magnolias and live oaks in Lafayette Square. It features a bed and breakfast, luxurious accommodations, gourmet treats and attentive services that are meant to pamper and spoil during your visit.

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, but that doesn’t mean you should only go on romantic getaways in February. These are great options anytime of year, all you need is love in your heart and maybe (just maybe) a beautiful, convenient and affordable rental car to make a romantic staycation perfect.