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Long distance drives with family can be both exciting and a little stress-inducing. We know that these times can be tough, and a getaway with family can be the remedy you need to relax and unwind from a stressful year.

Whether you’ve got little ones you need to account for or you need to accommodate older relatives, there’s a lot that goes into planning a long distance road trip with family.

To avoid angry and unhappy family members, we’ve identified three ways you can better prepare yourself for a long car ride with your loved ones, and even have a really enjoyable time on the road!

1. Choose an appropriate car size.

I know. Our deals are fire, we offer late model, low mileage vehicles that are factory fresh and ready for you when you need them. Sometimes the lowest price doesn’t always translate to the most comfortable road trip. If you have a large family that you’re traveling with, it’s best to upgrade your space. Even our larger rental vehicles are affordable, and we always guarantee unlimited mileage.

Squeezing four people into a small sedan may help your wallet a bit, but it might not make the long car ride as enjoyable as it could be. Shop our larger rental cars to see which are best for your family road trip.

2. Consider adding additional drivers.

We know you love the open road and cruising down long highways. But for a long road trip, you may get tired. It’s always best to have another person added on to your rental agreement. Savannah Car Rentals allows people 21 and up to rent cars from us. Your added driver doesn’t have to drive, but if you’re needing to take a break you can let the other take over and not worry about missing out on driving hours.

Tag-teaming your long distance road trip can be a fun way to ease the stress of a long car ride on both your mind and your body.

3. Plan your route

We live in a time of Google Maps and GPS. Gone are the days of reading maps from truck stops and (gasp!) even printing directions. But it’s still important to plan out your long distance road trip. Why? Because it will save time, energy, and stress down the line. You can also plan on making tourist stops along the way. We’ve got a few recommendations for great spots around Savannah.

Planning your route will save time on the stress of where you’re going and allow you to spend more time together, comfortably, as a family.

Savannah Car Rentals has the vehicle you need to get you where you need to go. With 3 convenient locations in Savannah, Statesboro, and Hinesville, you get in and out and on your way in no time at all. Make your reservation today.

Savannah is rich with historical landmarks as it’s one of the oldest cities in Georgia. The town prides itself on being a serene destination for travelers, and millions of visitors stop by to see its historical buildings, parks, and cobblestone streets every year.
If you’re planning to visit or have already visited here, you might miss out a lot of things if you don’t or didn’t avail car rental Savannah.

Savannah River Street

River Street boasts unique boutiques and shops for every traveler willing to wander along the broad Savannah River. Cotton warehouses and buildings filled the street a century ago. Investors have built many hotels, nightspots, pubs, restaurants, and galleries in this historic area.
Savannah River was a strategic port during the American Revolution and the Civil War. It remains as one of the busiest ports in America. This street is a blast from the past coupled with some modern sensibilities.

PinPoint Heritage Museum

Locals formerly know the Pin Point Heritage Museum as the Varn & Son Oyster and Crab Factory. Visiting this place is an excellent experience as it showcases the Gullah/Geechee culture. The Gullah/Geechee was an isolated community living on the banks of the Moon River. The museum features various exhibits along with a great view of the marsh.

Cathedral Basilica Of St. John The Baptist

The Cathedral Basilica is a magnificent display of architecture, and it’s popularly known and referred to as the Sistine Chapel of the South. It contains 81 stained glass windows and is a beautiful historical piece of Savannah. It’s the most photographed landmark here for a good reason. You can’t miss this place while traveling here.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Leopold’s has been serving homemade ice cream to travelers for almost a century, and it’s considered one of the specialties in Savannah. They also offer sandwiches, baked treats, soups, and salads aside from their ice cream. The entire location will make you feel that you have stepped back in time as it has vintage decorations and designs dating back to its original construction.

Perry Lane Hotel

Contemporary and classic are the two words that describe Perry Lane Hotel. It embraces Savannah’s old soul’s elegant feel while also embracing the modern creativity that has taken over the last few years. We recommend trying out this place if you are staying for some time in the city.

Riverboat Cruise

Experience the waterfront of Savannah in the popular riverboat cruise while you do some sightseeing. Cruise under the moonlight or have some fancy brunch as you can enjoy local southern cuisine while experiencing entertainment that you can only find in Savannah.

Renting A Car Is The Best Choice

We understand that traveling can be difficult in these times. Public transportation isn’t that safe, and Savannah is large enough that not having a car at your disposal brings a significant disadvantage. Renting a car is the best choice for your family. Not only do you have control over your trip, but you are also safe while doing so.
We offer car rental Savannah at a very convenient spot and have low mileage vehicles. We are one of the highest-rated car rental companies in the area that offers various options depending on your needs.
Because the holidays are upon us, many people probably have plans to travel and visit friends and family or to just have a magical getaway. But depending on how far we want to go and how many places we want to visit, it might be best to rent a car. Not only will it help you easily get from one destination to the next, but there are also numerous other benefits to having a rental car with you during your trips.

Easy and Convenient

There is nothing more convenient than renting a car to drive from one place to another, especially if you’re leaving the state. Here are a few reasons why this couldn’t be more true. First, you won’t have to worry about any insurance issues since you don’t own the car; second, many rental cars these days have updated maps for your navigation needs; and third, you can focus on the experience as a whole, rather than worrying about every little thing like bags, public transportation, schedules and more. Basically, having a car allows you to enjoy the trip.


Renting a car for your holiday travels is also budget-friendly since there are various types of low-cost transports. Even if you are concerned about the budget for renting a car, Savannah Car Rentals offer rates starting from just $24.99. You can even choose between Nissan and Chevrolet models with discounts between 70% to 85%. Aside from such flexible options, you can also save up on money that you would otherwise use for buses, trains, or taxis.

Cozy and Comfortable

While long-distance bus rides may be cheap, it’s not the best place for someone who wants to have their own space away from dozens of other anxious riders. If you’re on a vacation, you’ll want to enjoy your trip in complete bliss. And a rental car will give you just that. In your own car, there’s no need for you to socialize or interact with complete strangers or risk your good mood. While it’s true that not everyone can afford a rental car for their travels, it is obviously the best option for longer trips. It gives you space, comfort, and a cozy atmosphere to get your vacation off to a good start.


Having a rental car will make your trip much more flexible wherever you plan to go, so there’s no need to worry about train timetables, bus stops, or taxis. All you need is to rent a car and refuel it when needed. With a car, you’ll be able to freely travel to locations that public transportation doesn’t have access to. In addition to adding accessibility, you’ll also get access to different events that take place when public transport isn’t available.

Why Choose Savannah Car Rentals?

With Savannah Car Rentals, you can book your vehicle in four easy steps:
  1. Select your Date and Destination
  1. Choose your Vehicle
  1. Choose your Protector Plan and Extras
  1. Review and Send your Information
And with three locations around Georgia — Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro — you can access more places compared to other car rentals. So be sure to your itinerary and schedule ready for the upcoming holidays and book your vehicle with Savannah Car Rental today!

There are lots of rental car options out there. So how do you know what company provides the best experience, rate, and vehicles? We’ve compiled a list of five key things you need to look out for when it comes to a great rental car experience.


Read on to see what you should keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a great rental!


1) Attentive Service


Attentive service is absolutely essential when it comes to renting a car. We provide this from start to finish with our easy online booking system and detail-oriented staff. It’s also important to note that we’re taking all necessary precautions to keep you safe during COVID-19. We’re disinfecting our vehicles and office spaces regularly, and are providing continuous monitoring to make sure our staff are all healthy.


2) A Wide Variety of Vehicles


There’s nothing worse than not getting a rental that is the size or make you need. We offer a wide variety of sizes, makes, and models to accommodate any party or family size. From SUV’s to compacts, you can take your pick with Savannah Car Rentals. Our vehicles make it possible to drive a few friends around town or an entire family across the state and back.


3) Accommodating Discounts


A great car rental experience also requires a few accommodating discounts! We offer 10% off for all student rentals. This makes a weekend road trip or visiting family away from campus easy and affordable. We also are happy to waive the security deposit for active duty military. Just be sure to mention your eligibility for these discounts when you book or check out with us.


4) Convenient Locations and Hours


Convenient locations and hours are key for a great rental car experience. We have three locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Our locations offer hours during the week and on some evenings, and also some weekend hours. We also work with insurance companies to ensure you’re reimbursed if a rental vehicle is covered by your policy in the event you need a rental while your car is in the shop.


5) Low Mileage, Late Model Vehicles


Who wants to drive around in a high-mileage rental that isn’t much better than your own vehicle (or worse?)? We don’t, and we know you probably don’t either. That’s why we only rent low mileage, late model Nissans. We have an impressive fleet of vehicles that are factory fresh and ready for you. We’re also taking special precautions to make sure every vehicle is safe for you to travel in. You’ll never rent a beat up, high-mileage vehicle from Savannah Car Rentals!



Rent with Savannah Car Rentals!


Savannah Car Rental clearly meets all these necessary conditions for a great car rental experience. We’ve been serving the Savannah area for years and continue to provide excellent service and high-quality vehicles for locals and tourists in our region. Book your vehicle today at for a great rental experience!

Despite the pandemic continuing to affect many parts of our daily lives, life goes on even if it’s different than it used to be. Students are back on campus in many areas, and that means many may be wondering how to go home for weekends or breaks safely.


We’ve compiled a brief list of suggestions on how to travel to and from school safely, even during COVID-19. These tips apply whether you’re traveling now or plan to be in the future as schools determine how to navigate the coming months.

Read on for our specific tips!


Streamline Your Travel Plans


One key factor in traveling safe during COVID-19 is to plan well and streamline your travel plans. This means try to avoid spending too much time in crowded areas and plan to move in and out of crowded areas quickly. This may mean trying to book a non-stop flight instead of having a layover, or opting to travel through less populated areas instead of major cities.


You can also streamline your travel plans by planning ahead and knowing exactly where you’re going to stop. Do some research ahead of time if you’re driving to or from school to know which rest areas are following social distancing guidelines closely and which ones may not be.


Travel and Pack Smart


If you have to travel or desire to during the COVID-19 crisis, travel and pack smart. Packing smart means bringing everything you need to help you avoid potential exposure. If you have to stay in a hotel, disinfecting wipes will help you clean common surfaces in the hotel just in case housekeeping missed one or two.


You can also pack your own sheets and pillowcases to avoid using items in common with others who stayed in the hotel before you. Bringing snacks and bottled water may also help you skip a few stops along your drive that will help reduce your interaction with others and maintain social distance.


Take Recommended Precautions


And of course, take the common and recommended safety precautions. This includes wearing a mask when you can’t safely social distance at least six feet from other people. Avoid crowded areas and eat outside when possible.


You will also want to make sure you’re washing your hands before you eat and frequently throughout the day. Avoid touching your face and be sure to disinfect common surfaces frequently, too.


Rent with Savannah Car Rentals


If you’re planning to drive to or from your school for weekends, break, or at the end of the semester, rent with Savannah Car Rentals. We’re taking all necessary and recommended precautions to disinfect our vehicles and office spaces. We also follow local masking policies and guidelines.

We offer a 10% student discount on our fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans of all sizes and models. Book with us and rent from our Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro locations. It’s possible to travel safely during the pandemic, and we can help!


With everything that has happened in 2020, it’s unsurprising that many people want to go on a trip to clear the mind, reset, and get away from it all. But this is made a little more complicated by continued COVID-19 concerns and precautions. 

There are still ways to safely move about while following local public health guidelines, social distancing, and staying healthy. Savannah Car Rentals is, for example, taking all necessary precautions to disinfect and social distance to keep our staff and customers safe. 

Renting for Your Weekend Getaway 

Why rent a car for your weekend getaway? The simplest answer is that it saves wear, tear, and mileage on your personal vehicle. If you have a large group, renting a larger vehicle will also give you more space — which will be a welcome change for any road trip. 

If you’re looking for a few ideas for where to take your fall getaway, read on for information on some of our region’s favorite locations! 

For the hiker… We always like to recommend Cloudland Canyon State Park for its impressive gorge views and hiking trails. There are also camping opportunities in tents and cabins if you’re feeling adventurous. 

For the city dweller… If you prefer to visit a city on your vacation, opt for a weekend in Atlanta or Jacksonville, FL. Both cities offer lots of activities — even social distanced ones — within just a few hours’ drive from the Savannah area. 

For the beach-lover… There are plenty of beaches to choose from in the Savannah area, as well as the southeast in general. If you prefer to stay in Savannah, Tybee Island is a great place to start. If you’re looking for a longer trip south, consider St. Augustine, FL or any one of Florida’s great eastern seaboard beaches. 

For the roadtripper … A great road trip idea is to venture several hours north to Charleston, SC. There are plenty of historic locations to visit in this area, and the beaches and charming downtown areas are hard to beat. 

For the mountain man (or woman)…  Consider a road trip to Stone Mountain. There are plenty of hiking and camping options, as well as impressive views from the top. Seasonally there are also historic learning opportunities to benefit from. Of course, check the status of any tourist location beforehand to ensure it is operating due to COVID-19. 

Savannah Car Rentals can get you there! 

Wherever you decide to adventure to this fall, Savannah Car Rentals can get you there! We’re a locally owned and operated car rental company with offices in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. 

We offer a fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans of various sizes to accommodate your needs, whether you’re traveling with one other person or a family of five or six. Our daily rates start as low as $24.99 and we offer a student discount, as well as an active duty military discount. 

Book your rental today at one of our three convenient locations. We can’t wait to serve you and help you get to your getaway destination safely! 

Why rent with Savannah Car Rentals? When you rent with us, you’re supporting a local business and you can count on great rates and factory fresh vehicles… just to name a few reasons. Here are a few more! 

Location: One reason to rent with us is our easy to access locations. We have three locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Each of our locations offers convenient day time hours, and some locations offer evening and weekend hours. No matter when you need a rental, you can be sure that Savannah Car Rentals is ready and waiting to help you.

Rates:  We’re confident we have the best rental rates in town. In fact, we’re so sure of this that we’ll beat and match any competitor’s rate by 5% We have low daily rates starting at $24.99 and also offer long term rentals as well. 

Fleet: Few rental companies can boast as high quality vehicles as Savannah Car Rentals. Our fleet is made up of low mileage, late model Nissans of all sizes and models to accommodate your needs. 

When to Rent with Savannah Car Rentals 

Renting isn’t just for vacation. There are a number of reasons to rent with Savannah Car Rentals. 

When You Need a Discount: We’re proud to offer a 10% student discount as well as an active duty military discount. Active duty military members can waive our security deposit. If you’re in one of these two groups, rent with us and be sure to let us know of your discount eligibility when you reserve your rental! 

For Travel: There are so many wonderful places to explore in and around Savannah and within driving distance. Rent with us for your next day trip, weekend getaway, or extended road trip. Renting a vehicle for a road trip also helps you save mileage, wear, and tear on your own personal vehicle. 

For Business: Businesses have many unique needs especially when 2020 has made so many companies utilize virtual and remote arrangements. But there’s often an occasion when a rental will make visiting colleagues easier, or a rental will make getting to and from business meetings more seamless. For those business rental needs, opt for Savannah Car Rentals! 

For Family: Planning on family visiting sometime soon? Rent a vehicle to help you and your guests get around town comfortably and in one car. This can make visiting local attractions and simply getting around much easier when you can carpool. 

In addition, you can rent with us for a few not-so-fun reasons, such as when your own personal vehicle is in the shop. We’ll help you submit your invoice to insurance if it’s covered. Renting while your vehicle is in the shop makes car maintenance a little more painless and helps you keep your schedule on track. 

Rent with Savannah Car Rentals! 

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons why and occasions to rent with Savannah Car Rentals. Rent with us and you’ll be able to take advantage of student and military discounts at any one of our locations in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro. Book your rental with us today and count on great service and unbeatable rates! 

We know that when it comes to renting a car for business or leisure, you have many options to choose from. That’s why we’re grateful to our loyal customers for supporting Savannah Car Rentals over the years. 

In the era of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty, you may be particularly concerned and hyper-focused on who you do business with. Why rent with us? There are so many reasons! 

Support local business 

Supporting local business has never been more important than it is right now! We’re a locally owned and operated car rental company and we’re dedicated to the citizens of Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro and those who come to visit our region. When you rent with us, you’re supporting a local business that is proud to contribute to the south-eastern Georgia economy and travel/tourism industry.


We’re happy to offer two primary discounts to our customers. 

We love helping students get to and from home and school, so we offer a 10% student discount. We’re also proud to serve members of the military by offering a waiver on the security deposit for active duty military members who rent with us. Be sure to inquire about these discounts when you book or when you pick up your rental! 

Our Fleet 

Another reason to rent with Savannah Car Rentals is our impressive fleet of low mileage, late model Nissans and Chevrolets. We take great care to only rent out high-quality vehicles that we’d want to drive ourselves. 

Some companies hand you the keys to whatever they happen to have sitting on their lot. We maintain a fleet of factory fresh vehicles of all shapes, makes, and models to provide you with the space, comfort, and flexibility you need from a rental. We know many of our clients rent so that they can have extended test drives of some of the latest vehicle models before they buy! 


Savannah Car Rentals has three locations throughout the Savannah region. Our offices in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro serve clients with flexible hours of operation, including some weekend and evening hours.

COVID-19 Precautions 

We know you may be a little apprehensive to travel in the post-quarantine phase of reopening the economy. We are taking every precaution to keep our customers and staff safe by implementing recommended government COVID-19 protocols, and carefully disinfecting vehicles and common spaces in our offices regularly. If you any questions about what we’re doing to ensure a safe and clean environment, please do not hesitate to ask.

Rent with us! 

Whether you’re planning a socially-distanced road trip or weekend getaway, or if you have family coming to visit and you need a larger vehicle, we appreciate you renting with Savannah Car Rentals. 

Book your low mileage, late model Nissan on our website today or by calling us at (912) 920-5431. We have impressive daily rates starting as low as $24.99 and will beat and match any competitors’ rates by 5%! Rent with us today – we can’t wait to serve you! 

Undoubtedly, the first half of 2020 has us all eager for a little relaxation and some time spent just about anywhere besides our own homes.  Weeks of quarantining, working from home, and trying out the virtual social life has got us all a little weary. But how to travel during a pandemic? Is it safe to go to another state, to stay at a hotel, or to rent a car? Here are some things to consider as you plan your summer road trip:

  • Do a little research. Consider the current rate of the virus’s spread in your chosen destination, and also consider the spread in your area. Is the case rate rising in either location?  If so, maybe reconsider your plans.  If not, it’s time to think about getting there.
  • If you feel as though it is safe for you travel, then Savannah Car Rental is ready to help.  We’ve got clean, factory-fresh vehicles to fit your whole family.  We’ve adopted all of the official guidelines and best practices for stopping the spread of the virus, and we’re prepared to safely administer your rental vehicle today.  Call us at 912.920.5431 or visit our website at to complete your online reservation for a vehicle. 
  • When you’re packing, don’t forget the essentials: a face mask or shield and a bottle of hand sanitizer. The most common guidelines for cleanliness and safety during this pandemic have been to wear a face covering in public and wash hands regularly.
  • Prepare to be patient.  Wherever you are heading, it is bound to be a little different than expected with unique social distancing guidelines, various rules for public spaces like restaurants and grocery stores, and bit of uncertainty about how to proceed through normal errands and entertainments.  Keeping a positive attitude can help to make the trip more enjoyable. Try to remember that these measures are helping to protect everyone and you might even grow in gratitude for these inconveniences.
  • Consider your activities.  Could your day be spent outside rather than in an enclosed space? Are there hiking trails, kayak rentals, or cycling lanes? How many people are you traveling with? Could you split up for parts of the day to accommodate capacity limits at shops or attractions? Any adjustments to your trip that could help you stay active and safe will keep your trip risk-free for everyone.

Be it a day trip or a weeklong getaway, Savannah Car Rentals can help you make your great escape with affordable, low-mileage vehicles today. We offer special student and military discounts, so be sure to mention your qualifying status to us when reserving your ride.  

We’ll continue to do our due diligence in sanitizing our fleet, keeping our staff and clients safe, and staying educated on all COVID-19 circumstantial considerations.

We have three convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro. Come visit us today and pick up a rental so can you to drive off into the sunset during this truly unique summer experience. 

There are few things more appreciated and cherished during the hot summer months as your car’s air conditioner. So it’s especially inconvenient and uncomfortable when your vehicle’s A/C decides to malfunction or quit altogether. Regular maintenance is key, and Savannah Car Rentals is the ideal solution to keeping your busy schedule moving forward — even when your car needs to spend a day in the shop. 

There are certain habits and routine maintenance practices that will help you keep your vehicle’s air conditioner in top shape, ready to keep you cool on the hottest of southern summer days. Savannah Car Rentals offers a variety of low mileage, late model Nissans for rent when your vehicle’s air conditioner needs a tune up. 

Read on to learn more! 

How Your Car’s Air Conditioner Works 

First, it’s helpful to quickly go over just how your vehicle’s A/C works. You may not think much about this until your only option to stay cool is to roll down a window… which may or may not help bring the temperature down inside the car! 

In short, your vehicle’s air conditioner works like most other air conditioners. It doesn’t “create” air that is cold. Rather, it removes heat and moisture from air already within the car. This has the effect of making the air cooler. Several parts of the car are involved, including coolant and a radiator. A radiator is what sends warm air outside of the car. Coolant mixes with water to keep the radiator and engine from overheating. Without coolant, you risk not only air conditioner problems, but also your engine itself overheating. 

Good Habits for A/C Health 

Good habits as a car owner are essential to making sure your air conditioner is running well. If you haven’t had the best habits in the past, Savannah Car Rentals has rental locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro where you can rent a vehicle while yours is in the shop. 

To keep your vehicle’s air conditioner running strong, professionals recommend turning off your air conditioner before getting out of the car, as well as using your A/C regularly. Both of these steps protect the health of your A/C system and will make it last for the long term. 

For Your Next Trip to the Auto Repair Shop… 

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner running strong and cool all summer long. When your car needs to visit the repair shop, Savannah Car Rentals offers rentals at rates as low as $24.99 per day. Specifically, your car may need a radiator flush or coolant replacement to keep it functioning properly. 

Savannah Car Rentals Can Help! 

The next time your personal vehicle needs a tune up, rent with Savannah Car Rentals in Savannah, Hinesville, or Statesboro. We offer student discounts of 10% and active duty military members can waive the security deposit. Rent with us and keep your personal vehicle in mint condition!