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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Savannah Car Rentals?

Savannah Car Rentals is one of the highest rated local car rental companies, we offer the best and most reliable late model low mileage vehicles that are sure to fit your every need. From a fuel saving compact car to a large 7 passenger SUV, Savannah Car Rentals has it all!


How old do I have to be to rent from Savannah Car Rentals?

In order to rent from Savannah Car Rentals you must be at least 21 years of age. Renters 21 to 24 years of age may be subject to an underage fee.


What documents do I need to rent a car?

To rent from Savannah Car Rentals you must provide a valid driver license, proof of insurance (if you wish to use yours), and a credit or debit card, please be advised that if you use a debit card to rent from Savannah Car Rentals, the debit card must be connected to a checking account with a major bank or credit union, at this time we do not accept reloadable or prepaid credit cards.


Do you accept cash?

At this time Savannah Car Rentals does not accept cash at the time of rental, some locations may accept cash upon return.


Do I have to pay for my rental vehicle upfront or do I pay once I return?

All rental vehicles must be paid for in advance.


Does Savannah Car Rentals perform a credit check when you rent a vehicle?

Savannah Car Rentals may perform a soft credit check at the time of rental, this credit check absolutely does not impact your credit score and will not show up as a hard inquiry on any of your credit reports.


What do I do in the event my rental vehicle breaks down while I’m out of town?

Savannah Car Rentals’ rental vehicles come factory fresh and with full manufacturer’s warranty, simply contact your rental vehicle manufacturer for full road side assistance service.


Do you offer Military discounts?

Savannah Car Rentals offers the highest military discounts in the industry. Active Duty and retired military personnel can take advantage of a 15% discount in addition to a no-deposit rental vehicle!


Who can drive my rental?

A spouse or domestic partner can automatically drive your rental vehicle at no extra charge as long as they meet Savannah Car Rentals’ rental qualifications. All other drivers must be present at the time of rental and present their driver license, proof of insurance, and debit or credit card in order to be added to the rental agreement as an additional driver. Please be advised additional drivers may be subject to an Additional Driver Fee.


Does my rental vehicle come with unlimited mileage?

All Savannah Car Rentals’ vehicles come with unlimited mileage unless otherwise indicated on your rental agreement.


Can I drive my rental vehicle out of state?

All Savannah Car Rentals’ vehicles can be driven out of state unless otherwise indicated on your rental agreement.


I want to rent a vehicle, can I be picked up?

Our Savannah Car Rentals’ personnel will make every effort possible to pick you up from your home, business, repair facility, or local stay.


My car is in the shop and insurance is paying for my rental, can Savannah Car Rentals set up a direct bill with my insurance company?

Yes, Savannah Car Rentals works with all major insurance companies and in many cases we can set up a direct bill with your insurance company at absolutely zero cost to you!


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