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When you’re visiting Savannah and craving a beach to cool off, it’s time to check out “Savannah’s Beach.” Tybee Island, while not technically part of Savannah, is a quick half hour drive (or less) away, and you can easily divide a trip up between the two destinations, or make it a quick day trip. Either way, we want you to know how to make the very most of your visit.

Insiders’ Tips from Locals: What to Know When Visiting Tybee Island

Best Beach for Beachcombing

Whether you’re bringing along little ones who love to explore, or just love seashells, mid-island is your best bet for finding seashells and shark teeth washed ashore. This extends all the way from North Beach’s end to 14th Street.

Best Beach for People Watching

The most popular beach by far is the South Beach area, which includes the Pier and Pavilion—great for views, photos, and strolling in the shade when you need a break from the heat. This is a great beach for being active with a game of volleyball and mixing with other tourists for the full beach experience. South Beach is also known for being a great dolphin-sighting spot!

Best Beach for a Little Solitude

If you’re more interested in a beach where you can get away from it all, Back River Beach is a good bet. Located at the tip of the island, this beach is not as crowded with tourists, and there’s even a fishing pier for those who’d like to bring their gear and sit a spell. A beautiful view of Little Tybee island will be your vista on the horizon.

Be Aware of Pay-for-Parking

When you arrive at the beach, you’ll find plenty of spacious parking in the designated lots nearby—but it helps to be prepared for the meter! If you don’t want to waste a precious minute away from shoreside lounging, bring some quarters with you to avoid having to find somewhere to break a bill when you arrive. (Although most meters now offer the option to pay with a credit card or bank card, too.)

Perfect Timing for Sunset Lovers

One of the best parts of Tybee Island beaches? Gorgeous beach sunsets. If you’re keen to time your visit to get a great sunset photoset or a romantic picnic on the beach, sunset in Tybee Island will be around 8:20 PM each night. Bonus for late-comers: after 8pm, parking is free! So if you’re willing to cut your arrival close, you can avoid feeding the meter.

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The secret is out! Savannah, Georgia just keeps popping up in the press for being the beautiful, laid-back vacation destination we locals have always enjoyed. A recent list of the top 25 recommended U.S. cities for a weekend getaway compiled by Thrillist listed Savannah in the upper-tier spot of #8—just beating out NYC at #9! Just this month, travel blog The Culture Trip also gave a shout out to Savannah, naming it one of the 12 most beautiful cities in the country, and Southern Living named us the second best city in the south.

We can’t say we’re surprised. Savannah has a lot going for it for tourists: all the dining and nightlife hotspots you’d expect from a destination city, a somewhat “artsy” vibe from all the SCAD student residents’ influence, all with the laid back charm of a southern beach town. And if you’re visiting from out of town, we’ve got plenty of recommendations on how to kick back like the locals do.


Definitely don’t miss ordering Oliver’s Lunch (with both sausages) at Zunzi’s before you leave. It’s a rave favorite.

And if you want a tip on what the locals swarm: check out Betty Bombers for a killer burger and fries in a spot you might otherwise easily miss. (Their appetizer “Bombs” are mouth-watering and over-the-top, so make sure to arrive with an appetite!)


Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are legendary, but you can get a taste of that any day of the year at local Irish pub Kevin Barry’s on River Street. Stop in to wet your whistle after a long stroll of the quirky boutiques nearby.

If you really want to find the locals: head out to Jen’s and Friends for happy hour at a great price.


There’s a reason Savannah keeps popping up in lists of beautiful places: we’ve got quite a few you just have to check out while you’re here. Don’t miss the salt marshes and maritime forests of Skidaway Island State Park, which borders with Georgia’s intracoastal waterway. Pick a trail to explore, and keep your eyes out for local wildlife such as deer, egrets, and fiddler crabs.

For breathtaking landscaping sights, make sure to check out Forsyth Park. The largest park in Savannah’s storied historic district, Forsyth is a go-to spot for tons of summer activities, whether we’re talking concerts, sports, or festivals. Even on a quiet day, a walk in a park this beautiful is never boring.

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Let’s face it: even the nicest hotels can be hotbeds for germs. And that risk can double when you’re trying to save cash with a cheaper room, as many of us do when traveling for business. Whether you’re a true germaphobe or just appreciative of clean surroundings, staying in a room you suspect isn’t clean is a bummer that can put a damper on your whole trip—or worst case scenario, distract you and throw off your confidence for a big presentation. But there are always things you can do to prevent the headache ahead of time, without spending on an upgrade.

Air Circulation

Oftentimes, your dissatisfaction with a hotel room owes a lot to a feeling of “stuffiness” or air stagnancy in the room. This can make fabrics and porous materials in your room hold onto smells longer, which adds to an overall lack of that “freshness” feeling a lot of us crave. Ironically, sometimes the frequent use of formaldehyde-heavy cleaning products between stays can contribute to this heavy, stagnant air quality. The best solution for this is an easy one: make sure the room you book has a window you’re allowed to open or crack to let fresh air in. Alternatively, check with management ahead of booking to see if the hotel has a commitment to using nontoxic cleaning products, which will reduce that common heavy formaldehyde smell.

Don’t Dread the Bedspread

It’s true: the biggest carrier of germs in a hotel room is usually the bedspread. Quality hotels will be aware that this is a common concern among their guests and will launder them more frequently, but this is definitely not a guarantee. Hotels often use duvet covers that are easily removable for washing so that the entire bedspread doesn’t have to go in the wash as often, which is enough to eliminate most germs. But a hotel bed with no duvet cover on the comforter might only have freshly laundered sheets. One option is to directly request your bedspread be laundered before you arrive. Or, simply remove it from the bed when you arrive—if you choose this option, it’s good to have a spare blanket of your own packed, just in case you get chilly.

Do a Quick Germ Spot-Check

Once you’ve figured out the bedspread situation, take a look around the room for germ “hot spots”: all the places that are touched most often by any guests. This includes door knobs, landline phones, drawer pulls, chair armrests, blind rods—anything your bare hands are likely to come in contact with most often. Take a minute when you first walk in to just wipe these surfaces down with some easy to pack antibacterial wipes of your choice, just for a little backup cleaning power on top of the cleaning service’s pre-sweep of your room.

Follow all of these steps, and you can feel reasonably clean and fresh in almost any chain hotel room. Of course, if you encounter a room with actually visible signs of dirt and unsightliness (we’ve all got our horror stories), you’ll want to take that up with hotel management—and possibly, take your business elsewhere.

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Choosing the perfect vacation doesn’t mean you have to travel far. There are plenty of destinations close to Savannah that are perfect for a 3-day getaway. From Atlanta, to St. Simons Island, there are many incredible trips you can drive to in just a weekend!


Only a few short hours away from Savannah, the big city is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for fun! There are countless numbers of things to do—concerts and festivals, Braves games and parks… and oh, don’t even get us started on the restaurant scene. You won’t come to Atlanta and find yourself with nothing to do. We promise!

Tybee Island

When we said you don’t have to go far, we weren’t kidding. Escape for a few days and spend some time on Tybee Island. Load up the car, bring your beach chair, and a margarita and you will find yourself in your own little paradise. There are plenty of delicious eats, so make sure to try out some amazing seafood while you’re there!

St. Simons Island

Known for it’s beach town charm, St. Simons Island is the perfect getaway for families. Relax at the beach during the day, and ride bikes down to the cute and quaint village at night! Catch some crabs on the St. Simons pier and don’t forget to get some ice cream at Zuzu’s before heading back to Savannah!


If you’ve never been to Charlotte, you’re missing out! With plenty of attractions, this up and coming city is a great weekend destination spot. Love sports? Catch a fly ball at a Charlotte Knights Baseball game and grab a quick meal from a food truck on Food Truck Fridays. For the older traveler, the bar and brewery scene is ideal. Grab a drink from the Meridian Rooftop Bar or take a tour of the Sycamore Brewing Company.

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Welcome to Savannah! We’re glad you’re here. Just because you’re all business during the day, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all Savannah has to offer at night! Savannah is one of the South’s most beautiful and historic cities, which means exploring is must. Lucky for you, we’ve picked some of Savannah’s “must see’s” for a (sensible!) night on the town!

Walk Along River Street

Done with meetings early? Take a stroll down Savannah’s Riverwalk at sunset. This beautiful and incredibly historic part of town is something every Savannah visitor should see before they go. River Street has everything from candy shops to art galleries, and the harbor is filled with ships (and interesting people!). Grab a horse-drawn carriage ride before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Grab a Drink At Rocks on The Roof

Perched atop the Bohemian Hotel, Rocks on the Roof is the perfect place to grab a drink with a friend or co-worker. With indoor and outdoor seating, this trendy tapas bar offers great drinks and an even better view of downtown Savannah. Its extensive drink menu—including wine, martinis and signature drinks, is sure to have something for everyone.

Take A Ghost Tour

Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the South. From possessed houses and restaurants, to spooked theaters and cemeteries—you’ll see some of the nation’s best haunts on a Savannah Ghost Tour. Though there are many haunted tour options, the most popular adult-only tour is the Dead of Night Tour. This 90 minute tour will take you to Savannah’s most extreme haunted spots—be ready to get spooked, this is the real deal!

Catch Some Live Music

When the sun goes down in Savannah, the fun most definitely goes on. Though there are many wonderful music venues and bars here, street musicians are the most fun way to watch live music. There are oftentimes local bands playing in City Market. Haven’t yet finished your drink? Savannah’s open container law allows you to sip outside while you listen to music and stroll throughout downtown.

Get Southern Far at Treylor Park

When in the South, yummy and local food is an absolute must. Treylor Park on East Bay Street offers a unique and delicious Southern experience with a twist. Though this restaurant may be tiny (it’s a food truck), the flavor you’ll find on their menu is mighty. Stop by for drinks, food, or both—you won’t be disappointed!

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Even the most regular of business travelers are occasionally blindsided by the unexpected. Sometimes, even the regular travel habits we develop to enhance convenience on the road are actually, on closer glance, not bringing us much convenience at all. Since our work at the booking desk involves talking with travelers each and every day, we’ve picked up a few insider’s tips and tricks that may help you take stock of your travel strategy before you book that rental and pack that bag.

Opt for Online Invoicing for Easy Reimbursement

Will you be submitting your travel expenses to your employer for reimbursement? Instead of keeping up with physical receipt copies on your journey (as these are easily misplaced, lost, and stuffed into forgotten coat pockets), opt to have digital copies of your booking confirmation and receipt emailed to you at the booking desk. If you choose to use a rental car service that provides online booking (as Savannah Car Rentals offers from our website home page), you’ll receive an emailed receipt automatically. When it comes time to submit your expenses, your records are only an inbox search away.

Ask Upfront About Early Return Fees

Some car rental companies have a practice of charging customers an early return fee if you happen to need to return your rented vehicle before the appointed date. These fees are not often publicized by the companies who use them! For this reason, make sure you ask at the booking desk about any possibility of early return fees—even if you don’t plan on returning early, it’s best to know all terms upfront. (Before you ask: you’ll never be charged an early return fee at Savannah Car Rentals.)

Loyalty Program Fees

Many national chain car rental companies have begun competing with each other over apps and loyalty programs in pursuit of customers looking for convenience, but sometimes the customer comes away paying more for these ‘conveniences.’ Though you may be tempted to go with a national chain’s loyalty program if you regularly need to use rental cars for work, read the fine print and consider how much you’re willing to pay for that convenience—some loyalty programs add a surcharge of up to $1/day while renting. Make sure you know how these programs will be used and how much they may cost you over time if you opt for such an account, or stick with a company that offers you convenience online and face to face without an added price tag.

Of course, if you’re located in Savannah, Statesboro, Hinesville, Beaufort, or Hilton Head, we’re a bit biased—as a regional company, we feel we’re able to provide a great balance of local awareness, personalized customer service, and technological convenience. If you’re planning a business trip and have any questions about booking or our policies, call 912.920.5431 and we’ll be happy to help!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But no one said you had to get up early, right? We’ve put together a list of great brunch spots you must try while in Savannah, whether you’re an early riser or a latecomer!

Clary’s Cafe

Who knew a drug store could be so easily transformed into one of our favorite Savannah restaurants! Clary’s Cafe will make you feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home with family photos, paintings and memorabilia lining the walls of the inside.  Bring your fur baby and sit outside while enjoying breakfast that is served all day long.

Huey’s On The River

Eating the same breakfast every morning can get old after a while. Head to Huey’s On The River for an American, Cajun, Creole and Southern mix of cuisines. You’re tastebuds will thank you later. Any time of the day, you can stop in and enjoy on of their famous beignets, or grab a bloody mary to-go for a stroll along the river.

The Sentient Bean

Kick your sleepiness to the curb. The Sentient Bean has a variety of specialty coffees that are all 100 percent fair trade, organic and shade grown. The cow milk served here is produced right around in the corner from Savannah in Waynesboro, Georgia from Southern Swiss Dairy. Don’t forget to bring your own mug for a .25 cent discount on your cup of joe.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is an award winning restaurant you can’t skip out on. “The Best Breakfast in Savannah” has been awarded to this delicious restaurant more than just once. Get your hands on their top selling breakfast, the “Helen Solidatiary” also known as “The Grill Cleaner’s Special” which is diced potatoes, Polish sausage, green peppers and onions tossed on a hot griddle with 2 eggs scrambled with Monterey Jack and American cheese, plus grits and toasts. Talk about the breakfast of champs!

The Collins Quarter  

This relaxed, Australian cafe has perfected special coffees pairings with innovative cuisines. If you have a sweet tooth in the morning, be sure to order, “Got Georgia On My Swine” which is brioche french toast, Georgia chili peach chutney, Cheshire Farms bacon with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Yum!
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If your job requires a lot of jet-setting to places far and wide across the globe, avoiding the headaches of plane travel might not be possible. But if you’re among the many who need to travel for work just sporadically–for a conference, a training, or an important meeting–flying may be more of a choice than a requirement. And with ticket prices rising, airlines cutting back on options and amenities, and increasingly unpredictable delays at security check and baggage claims, there are plenty of reasons to find alternate ways of getting to your destination if you can. Being on the clock and out of your element in a strange place is stressful enough!

Instead of defaulting to fly for short trips, keep the ‘5 Hour Rule’ in mind. It’s exactly what it sounds like–if your destination is roughly within a 5 hour drive of your starting point, you’re typically better off driving than flying in terms of cost to you or your business. It’s a rule of thumb you’ll hear often from seasoned business travelers, but truth be told, younger workers and those who only travel infrequently are the ones most likely to benefit from this hard-won wisdom. It’s a simple rule of thumb, but easily overlooked!

If you’re still on the fence, 5 hours is just a guideline–for a more disciplined approach, make a quick search of ticket prices for round trip flights to your destination (careful here of hidden fees: some websites give ticket quotes without essentials added to keep prices looking low), and consider any other associated costs.

  • When you arrive, will you need to pay for car travel or public transportation to get around?
  • Will you need to purchase new luggage or other items to make sure you meet the airline’s baggage requirements?
  • Will the purpose of your trip be voided if there’s a flight delay, and can your business recoup those costs?

Once you’ve figured out your flight figure, take a look at the fastest driving route for the same trip (Google maps or even Waze can be great for this). Then ask yourself a few more questions:

  • How many miles will the drive be, and about how long will the drive take?
  • About how many times will you need to fill up the gas tank along the way?
  • What’s the average price per gallon of gas, and about how much will you need to spend on fuel for a round trip drive?
  • If the drive is longer than 5 hours, does cost of a plane ticket or other factors (a need to bring extra luggage, or if you prefer a more ‘bleisurely’ trip with interesting stops along the way) make a longer drive worth it? A 7-8 hour drive is still seen as reasonable for some.

Consider all your options, and make the best choice for you ahead of time. If you do choose to drive, here are a few tips to make it even more worthwhile:

  • If the drive would be reasonable, but your vehicle happens to be a gas guzzler, consider renting a more fuel efficient car just for the duration of the trip. This way, you can save on gas and keep those miles off your personal use car at the same time.
  • If you have a smartphone, there are lots of apps that you can download that help you locate the lowest gas prices in a given area while you’re traveling–one of the most popular we know of is GasBuddy, but there are plenty to choose from. You might be surprised at how much you save just by checking for the best prices along your drive.
  • If you’ll be staying overnight at your destination, consider going a little outside the city, or at least a downtown area, for your accommodations. It may be slightly more out of the way, but you’ll often get more amenities and better rates for your stay if you can venture outside prime downtown locations.
  • And if you do rent a car: always ask the front desk if they can offer any promotions for business travelers–it can’t hurt, and you might be surprised!

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Road trip to Savannah for one of our most celebrated holidays of the year: St. Patrick’s Day! Round up all of your friends and family, dress head-to-toe in all green and celebrate a weekend full of good ol’ Irish luck. Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are the second largest in the nation. This is a weekend you won’t want to miss out on, especially when Savannah Car Rental can provide you with great rental rates.

The infamous St. Patrick’s Day parade begins at 10:15am on Friday, March 17th. With more than 300,000 people expected to attend this year, you’ll want to get there early to be sure you’re not missing out on any fun! The floats will hit Savannah’s downtown streets for 4 fun-filled hours.  There’ll be live music, pipe bands, street performers and Irish groups and societies from all over the east coast marching in the parade. If you’re partying and sipping on green beer all weekend, purchase a $10 wristband each day at one of the many booths around downtown.

Aside from the parade, River Street and City Market will line the street vendors selling an assortment of gifts and goodies. Live bands will be performing all day while you can shop, eat, drink and have fun. Wearing all green may keep you from being pinched, but it also adds to the fun of celebrating St Patty’s Day!

If you’re driving from either Beaufort, S.C, Hardeeville, S.C, Statesboro, GA, or Flemington, GA, stop by Savannah Car Rentals to rent a vehicle for your weekend trip to Savannah. Beaufort and Statesboro are roughly an hour away from Savannah, where both Hardeeville and Flemington are less than an hour from Savannah.

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Sometimes when you’re traveling for business, it can seem like there will always come an unexpected “x factor” to throw a wrench into the day’s important plans. That’s why frequent work travelers need tools and backup plans down to a science. These days, a big part of the toolbox is down to having the right apps installed on your work phone to help out in tough spots. Of course, we don’t recommend ever looking at your phone while driving—but when hands are off the wheel, these apps are handy indeed.

Google Maps

You may be more used to Apple’s Maps app if you’re an iPhone user, but Google Maps can be a step up for a few reasons more likely to be relevant to work travelers: if you use Gmail or any other “G Suite” service, Google Maps can pull any relevant data that may be stored there. If you regularly use Google search for work, the places you’ve searched will also automatically appear in the mobile app. Did a co-worker recommend a few places to stay in an email? Using Google Maps can make them easier to remember and locate on the fly.


There are lots of traffic apps on the market, and we’ll admit Waze isn’t always perfect—it can be a battery drain if you’re not traveling with an in-car charger (tip: always travel with an in-car charger), but this app has Google juice behind it, which means it has more input from traffic sensors than most other traffic apps you’ll find. When you need to figure out how to avoid rush hour traffic in an unfamiliar city, Waze is the app that can show you all the most congested routes to avoid, as well as offer alternate routes you’d never find as an out-of-towner. Be aware, sometimes this means the app will route you in a way that doesn’t make sense on first glance, but 8 times out of 10, it’s not a glitch—just a circuitous way to get around traffic.


For longer, multi-state drives, Roadtripper is essential. This is your one stop shop for route and stop planning along the way, with reviews of hotels, places to eat, points of note, and even campgrounds. It’ll also help you create and plan your route, even estimating what you’re likely to spend on gas ahead of time. Keep this one installed for the family vacation, too.


This is just one of the gas-finding apps available, but GasBuddy seems to be the most comprehensive and widely-used. Nearly every gas station in America is logged in GasBuddy’s database, and since it’s regularly updated by a large user base with new gas stations, your best bet for finding gas in a tough spot is probably this app. Even if you’ll mostly be driving in metro areas where finding gas isn’t much of an issue, GasBuddy can help you find the cheapest gas to keep those expenses down.


Alright, it’s not a travel app—but you’ll likely need something to focus your mind for the long drive. Listen to your favorite music, or check out the little-known “Word” section to listen to great historical speeches, college lectures, and sundry other spoken word offerings if that’s more your thing on a long drive. Some vehicles will allow you to listen to Spotify right from your dashboard, but if you don’t have this option, you can always use Bluetooth or an auxiliary jack to play through your car stereo.

If you need a rental car for your next business trip, call us or book online here.